Techniques from Creative Writing You Can Use To Improve Your Essays

Students generally fear assignments and homework that require them to write essays. This can be attributed to the stereotypes with regards to essays that have been passed on from the old scholars to the current ones. Essays have been exhibited as the hard and extremely burdensome work that calls for a lot of reading and comprehension of many aspects of today’s life. While it is true that essays require an understanding of some aspects of the world, the part of them being hard is indeed flawed. Essay writers are often encouraged to ensure that their arguments are objective, and are backed by factual information which of course requires one to have an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand. Writing an essay can be a challenging exercise, but once one acquires the required skill and techniques, the task becomes easier. Essays and creative writing are different, but there are indeed some aspects of both that overlap and that can help one master the skills to write the other. This article outlines some of the techniques from creative writing that can help one improve and enhance their essay writing skills.

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Essay writers are advised to always consider their audience when they are writing. Readers are indeed the most important consideration in any writing, and without them, the essence of the entire writing process diminishes. In creative writing, writers are often advised to first understand their audience because this will help them communicate their message clearly. Essay writers are also advised to always factor in their audience and ensure that they keep them interested in their piece.

One also needs to ensure that their points flow and that they exhaustively elucidate on each argument. Every argument needs to be explained in portions with an introduction-like part body-like part as well as a conclusion. Readers need to be able to follow the writer’s argument and understand the point being made.

When writing an essay, one should also make sure that they have a dramatic and unusual introduction. Essay writers often decide to cling onto the same introductory formulas they were taught, and this makes them predictable and normal. One needs to ensure that they do not always conform to the writing norms, and try other ‘unusual’ writing tips like having a different introduction than is expected.

Proofreading and writing one or two drafts can also help one amend some simple grammatical and composition errors. One can also re-arrange their points while going through their work and make it more appealing to the readers. This, of course, seems like repetition and a lot of work to some people, but developing this habit during writing will indeed help essay writers become better.

Essay writers often tend to be flat and mean in providing their readers with some details, for example, setting and location. In some instances, like when writing scientific essays, one can deliberately leave out such detail, but in some subjects, readers often relate well with one’s work if they are given information that mirrors either their location or setting.

Use of analogies is also something that essay writers can borrow from creative writers. In creative writing, artificial analogies are used, but since essays are factual, one needs to make sure that they use analogies that their readership can easily comprehend. When using analogies, every writer needs to ensure that their idea is still being communicated.

Ideas do not respect time, and some of the existing inventions of the world were once ideas that dawned on the inventors in very awkward moments. It is, therefore, crucial for essay writers to always be aware of their surroundings and record any new ideas that might spring to mind. Creative writing and essay writing are different in many aspects, but the above creative writing techniques can help essay writers make their articles memorable and interesting to their readership.

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