Teachers Are Better Than Doctors (Essay Sample)

Teachers Are Better Than Doctors

Teachers have the power within them to chance a season within their countries and in the lives of those who learn from them, an aspect that is attributed to the power instilled within them to make an impact for the good or for the bad of the society. In this regard, it is vital to understand that without teachers, we wouldn’t have doctor figures since this is the prime channel the doctors follow to be the professionals they are today. On the other hand, teaching is considered as a prime approach of transmitting knowledge to different generations. The world therefore relies on them with the aim of ensuring that the knowledge base of the society is enhanced, maintained, and grown. Unlike teachers, the saving of lives is perceived as a noble effort transmitted through a knowledge base. This remains what doctors do in their professions. However, it is significant to understand that preventing an individual from choosing either the right or the wrong path in life is a much nobler task, an aspect that indicates the rationale behind the fact that teachers are better than doctors. In as much as most teachers earn less than the doctors, it is essential to determine that the amount of wealth they give is more in achieving more in the lives of several individuals. Very few people remember great doctors, but several communities mostly remember the greatest teachers in history such as Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, it is evident that people do not learn from the words that we utter from our lips but from every single detail that emanates from out lives. In this regard, teachers put a lot of emphasis in ensuring they partake of the greatest responsibility in mirroring their lives to the society, an attribute that is not evident in doctors. Doctors are only effective in practice in the event that they carry and implement the most valuable lessons granted to them by teachers, thus establishing the reason why teachers are better than doctors. In addition to this, teachers are perceived as the prime instruments that have the capacity to transmit new skills and knowledge to the youths. The communities, including the doctors therefore rely on teachers in ensuring that the knowledge base of a society is maintained and kept. It is the same teachers who inspire our children from the right age of attending school to follow in their dreams and interests of becoming doctors who can benefit the world and nurture these talents to the fullest.

Teaching is therefore a special path not only in teaching grammar and math but in crafting the human souls. Teachers according to different communities are perceived as miracle workers since they transform the lives of different personalities within the community unlike doctors who only focus on the treatment of the consequences of negligence. Teachers are not who they are to correct some of the mistakes that we make, but are there to impart life through truth that can help transform the lives of children. If you have a child young enough and with the aspirations of being a doctor, train the child, and nurture the talents of the child, the outcome is that the child may not need the assistance of any doctor for a considerable amount of time, thus denoting the fact that teachers put more emphasis on laying the correct foundations instead of dealing or repairing things that are not in order. Unlike the doctors who depend on knowledge acquired from their trainers, teachers impact knowledge from the heart, and ensure that the best is given to ensure that their students acquire the power to eliminate some of the disasters that may be futile in the future. This therefore affirms the fact that teachers are better than doctors.

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