Teacher As A Nation Builder (Essay Sample)

Teachers inspire their students to aspire for greater things, and as school is a socialization agent teachers play an important role in nation building. Teachers ought to be highly respected members of the society as they shape the character of their students. While everyone can be trained it is not all people who gain knowledge and are willing to learn. To facilitate knowledge acquisition the input of the teachers is required, and they are well placed to motivate the learners to work hard work, gain knowledge and be successful. Regardless of whether learners are slow or fast, teachers instill in them the importance of working hard in what they are good at and being people of high integrity.

Teachers contribute towards the creation of a prosperous nation when they help building the future of young learners.  It may be necessary to reform teaching to improve teaching to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Teaching is like a calling and it is not everyone who has the patience to mold the character of students like the teachers do. Confident young people build nations, and teachers make the conscious decisions to inspire the next generation of leaders. It is not an easy decision for the teachers to continue being in the profession, when there are budget cuts in the education sector and attempts to limit their independence. When schools fail, teachers are singled out even when detractor signore the factors outside of the teachers control that affect success in education.

Knowledge is the basis for national development as decisions are made to improve the well being of the people. People are skilled to the extent that they gain knowledge and can apply skills. The teachers affect skills acquisition and appreciating the role that teachers play fosters   knowledge acquisition and moral development. A teacher acts as a guide, but they also need to be highly committed to prepare the learners and impart useful skills on them. Teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of teaching, supporting learning and moral development. The absence of teachers stunts education and affects the development leadership skills in among the youth

Teachers are role models and act as second parents to the young learners, and young students look up to their teachers for encouragement and inspiration. The role of teachers in civic education and encouraging civic engagement cannot be ignored as civic participation is associated with willingness to get things done. Despite the benefits of having competent and motivated teachers, their efforts are not well appreciated. This should not be the case and teachers ought to be well trained and respected to have a bigger impact on students and young adults. Citizens build a nation, but there cannot be active citizens in the society if they are not properly molded from an early age, as parents and teachers or educators fulfill this role.

A good education system builds good teachers and learners, while each nation requires innovative leaders and relevant education.   Now more than ever before knowledge societies make a difference in  building a  nation teachers are not merely transmitters of knowledge, but also  supporters of innovative thinking and competence to meet today’s and future challenges. Young learners eventually encounter challenging moments as they grow older, and school is one of the places where they learn to navigate unknown territories. Teachers prepare the students to tackle the challenges that they encounter, and as they are exposed to different things they get wiser and are ready to lead from the front.  All advanced nations have invested heavily in education as the leaders understand the importance of education in nation development and improving competitiveness in the economic front.

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