Talk Shows, Merits And Demerits (Essay Sample)

Talk Shows, Merits And Demerits

Watching television programs is now one of the most time consuming hobby of people from around the world.  As the world becomes more innovative, together with the new technologies arising,  it can’t be help by many but to tune in to their favorite shows either by using phone,  computer or television.  We cannot deny the fact that watching television already became part of our lives.  We enjoy watching television shows especially talk shows because it showcases different people and we can somehow relate to some of them.  We also learn some useful information that we can use in our personal lives.  Talk shows brings joy to the family,  especially the elders because it became their past time during boring hours of the day.  It seemed that talk shows bring positivity to the audience,  but is it really all positive?

Modern television talk shows has different strategies to capture the attention and interest of viewers.  They also have different programming strategies and hosting skills when it comes to presenting their topic daily.  We may think that all talk shows will bring joy to the viewers but that is untrue.  Some talk shows has very sensitive topic that is not very suitable for minors.  Some tv station  also chose to televise their adult talk shows at times when children are still awake.  It is not good for children to be exposed to talk shows with adult content at a very young age.  Some talk show hosts also imposes too much blunt language and personality.  For kids who are still developing their characters as individual,  it is not good that they are exposed to those kinds of visual presentation.  Another downside of watching too much talk shows is the tendency of people to imitate what the hosts are doing. Some people change their selves because of the influence of the popular hosts and television actors and actresses.

Social media is not the only avenue for people to be influenced by social standards.  Even before social media emerged,  television has been the first influence of people in determining social standards.  The way actors and actresses present their selves in talk shows became the basis of people ok how they should present their selves in public.  The influence does not have so much positive effect on people because it causes confusion on peoples standard of perfection.  When a new actress is presented,  she will be first shown in talk shows that will present how beautiful she is.  When this happens,  the viewers might think that actresses are perfect because they are showcased in the most special way.

Although talk shows has negative effects on people,  there are also positive effects.  It gives joy to the people who are bored.  The elders are the people who most enjoy watching talk shows and most of them are already retired from their jobs.  Talk shows gives them new topic to talk about and distracts them from thinking so much about ageing. Some talk shows also gives advice and words of encouragement to people who are lost,  so if a depress person watched the appropriate talk show,  he or she will be enlightened.

Some talk shows also gives chance to new talents who are finding their way to stardom.  It serves as stepping stone for talented individuals to showcase their talents and be discovered.  It may take a while for them to be well known but the opportunity that talk shows give to them will give them hope.

Everything has its advantage and disadvantages but if we will just know how to decide on our own,  nothing can harm us.  At the end of the day,  talk shows only aim to inform,  enlighten and give joy to their viewers,  so just enjoy watching!

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