Surviving Without Internet (Essay Sample)

Surviving Without Internet

Internet has become an integral part of our lives, almost indispensable. Almost everything in our lives is technology oriented and internet forms part and parcel of this. We are so intertwined with online life that perhaps it is almost unfathomable how life without internet would be. Besides being a tool of effective communication on social platforms, internet tool has become crucial in the day to day activities that make work in various sectors more effective. For instance if you are heading somewhere and you are not sure of the destination, you just need to use the maps in your smart phone and you will be guided to the exact destination. Students now have it easy with their assignments as they can just look up the information online. However, have we had time to pause and wonder how life without internet would be? People would imagine it would be hard, almost impossible, but is that quite so?

Internet can be very addictive. The information that is available online is a lot and one cannot have enough of it. More often, most people have found themselves glues on their smartphone more hours than they probably need to be. As a result, internet has been found to greatly contribute to lack of productivity.  In most cases, people spend more time online, time that would otherwise have been used for productive work.

Additionally internet has been seen as severing social ties that makes a society more functional and cohesive. With people being able to communicate online, there is now less personalized communication which has resulted into a culture of anti-socialism. At a social gathering, it is interesting to note that even as people are having a conversation, they still have their smartphone n their hands. There is less personalization in communication as was the case previously

Internet has also encouraged laziness as information can be found just at the tap of a button. In learning institutions for instance, students would rather look up information online instead of looking for the information in books. The information available online is readily packaged and simplified. Unfortunately, most students will just pick as it appears online, taking away the aspect of research. This has significantly affected the quality of graduates churned out form institutions of higher learning.

With the above foregoing, one notes that perhaps it may be easier than anticipated to survive without internet. Considering that pretty most of our lives are connected to the internet in one way or another, it may pose a challenge. However, it is not fully impossible to stay without intent. Most of the areas that have been affected negatively by internet as discussed above would be easily corrected by unplugging from the internet.

Taking our minds to more than fifty years ago when most parts f the world did not have internet access, life was still ongoing. People had alternative means f doing all the things that are now done online. While it is true that internet has made life easier, things done quicker and perhaps more effective, it is not totally impossible to survive without internet. Social ties can easily be rebuilt if people and especially the youth can spend less time on their gadgets and instead stead have a proper conversation with other people.

Surviving without internet will not be hard as we may imagine. It may be challenging considering the over-reliance that people have developed on the internet. People should take self-challenge and try to be offline for some time. They will be amazed at how much they will accomplish positively just by being away from the internet for a while.

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