Supernaturalism In Macbeth (Essay Sample)

Supernaturalism in The Tragedy of Macbeth

Macbeth is among the many tragic stories written by William Shakespeare that depicts political ambitions of greedy leaders like Macbeth whom wanted to be the king by all means. The Tragedy of Macbeth reflects the leadership struggles using interesting themes that create suspense. Supernaturalism enhances the play using different characters. In Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, the essential image of supernaturalism is presented to control the characters at the same time advance the plot of the play. Supernaturalism adds interesting dimensions to the whole story.

Supernaturalism is evident in the play; Shakespeare uses three witches, the vision, and the ghost to present the underlying theme of the play. In each scene of the play, supernatural scenes become the key factor. For instance, when the play begins, three witches predict Macbeth’s fate. The witches lead the reader to understand Macbeth’s future. The second witch informs Macbeth that, every battle has different sides, one side wins, and the other looses.  However, the witch predicts that Macbeth will lose his victory in the battle of his soul.

The witches played significant roles in Macbeth’s quest to gain power when they predicted to him that he would one day become a king. Murdering King Duncan is the only way to become a king as predicted. Accordingly, Lady Macbeth relied on supernatural powers; she requests to be given the power to kill King Duncan to enable her husband be the king. Supernatural powers influence the murder of King Duncan; a floating dagger leads Macbeth to the chamber, such scene highlights supernatural powers.

Banquo was killed because he was a suspect; Macbeth believed that Banquo knew that he had murdered King Duncan. After his death, a ghost appears to both Macbeth and his wife when attending a banquet, Banquo’s ghost sat in his regular seat.  Macbeth reaction upon seeing the ghost makes him look suspicious. He is scared of what the ghost might do to him.  The use of supernatural powers causes suspense; Macbeth relies on the prophecies made by three witches and does everything to ensure that he becomes the king. Ironically, the same witches plan to destroy Macbeth when they disagree. When Macbeth is troubled, he sought advice from the witches. In the story, Macbeth followed the witches into the cave to demand to know what awaited him after becoming the king. The three evil witches possessed magical powers and Shakespeare believed that supernaturalism had a strong influence on his characters that would attract many readers.

The three witches are used to develop the plot because the witches influenced Macbeth’s actions. Shakespeare introduces the supernatural features in the story to serve specific purposes.  The mysterious characters like the ghost represented the unforeseen power of the evil. Evil is evident in form of supernaturalism, evil becomes the path to illustrate themes in the play that includes death, disorder, ambition, and greediness. Supernaturalism makes the play interesting and captivates the audience’s mind. The play present images of supernaturalism grow to be the central theme. The fact that Macbeth believes in the prediction made by the witches shows how he relied on supernatural powers in his leadership. All his actions depended on these powers.

Supernaturalism present intrigues and fascinating scenes throughout the play captivating its audience. The use of supernaturalism in The Tragedy of Macbeth brings the play to life. Without the ghost, the witches, visions and the apparitions, the story would be unexciting. Captivating stories attracts and retains readers’ attention, motivating them to continue reading; supernaturalism in The Tragedy of Macbeth, added interesting dimensions to the whole story.

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