Studying Hard (Essay Sample)

An Essay on Studying Hard


Education is an essential part in life aside from oxygen, food, water, health, clothing and housing. It has become a very important element for survival and acceptance in the society. In the absence of education, a person will not be able to cope up with the progress and improvements happening daily or on a regular basis. Likewise, the whole process of learning starts at an early age and continues until we get old. As a little child, we learn how to read and write which is necessary in life. Reading helps in connection with crossing the road, reading signs and signals while travelling, checking out the menu while in a restaurant, studying the electric and water bills, communicating with colleagues at work or classmates in school, texting, writing and other activities which require the skill to read and write. Even watching the television or movies could not be understood in the absence of alphabets, speech and the ability to understand words.

The Advantages and Benefits of Studying Hard

There are different levels of learning while in elementary, high school and college. The stages rely on the success and progress of a student. Studying hard helps obtain several benefits such as:

  • To be able to acquire a job right after college
  • To be successful in whatever endeavor a student enters or joins in
  • To be able to build businesses or earn profit based on the specialty in a specific field of learning.
  • To be able to help other people who are in need and requires assistance connected to the field of science or communication and etc.
  • Studying hard will help obtain a degree that will help earn a vocation or job to provide for a person’s daily needs

Tips and Advices on How to Study Hard

The different methods and strategies of studying depends upon the ability of an individual to be consistent and in accordance to the work pace that best applies to a specific student. Having a set schedule for reading and writing to practice and apply what has been learned inside the classroom will help in improving the skills of the student. Reading additional books and magazines connected to the lesson being discussed inside the classroom setting will give a broadened perspective about the chosen topic. Watching instructional materials or listening to audio and podcast will also increase knowledge and understanding on the various lectures and lessons provided for by the lecturers in the colleges and universities. Another important factor in studying hard is the determination that a person has to stay focused and work an extra mile. In the end of every difficult endeavor is a sure reward wherein people will look up to you and seek your help on pressing matters and issues. Studying is not only for other people or your family but it also boosts up your self-confidence knowing that the mind is more powerful especially when put into action. Knowledge is power and the advantages are endless. More and more people will look up to a person who knows many things and will seek for his company. It pays not to be ignorant. A man who is wise will run after knowledge and seek deeper understanding. Furthermore, learning does not end in the classroom but even goes a long way, and could also be effectively pursued even outside of the university.

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