Struggle Is The Key To Success (Essay Sample)

Struggle is the key to success

Everyone in the world craves success in their life. Unfortunately, it is known to be hard to achieve. If you ask anyone who seems to have made it to the top of his game, they have a common denominator of their success, struggle. They can narrate to you of the times they wished to give up and turn to other things but against the odds, they pressed on. Their struggle bore fruit later after many countless challenges that they persevered and endured. The struggle is in the challenges you face and they test your ability and desire to make it. The struggle is in diverse areas in your life, business, career, family, health, finances, education or any sphere of your life which you crave success. It has never come easy for anyone who came before you and certainly any person will have to endure many challenges that threatens to take away your dream. For example, no one has wished to be a university professor but dropped out of school. These professors have earned their titles after overcoming numerous struggles that have been littered in their paths to their current positions.

There might be other shortcuts that people take to reach success. For example, cheating in exams to climb the academic ladder is a form of shortcut in education. However, it has detrimental effects to yourself, the society and it always has the risk of undoing the progress you have done. For example, cheating may lead to discontinuation or suspensions that will affect your academics and image in the society. If you are not caught and you live to be a doctor, you pose a threat to the community for being a certified quack who does not have the expertise or skill to save lives. Therefore, struggle remains the only option that guarantees you success in this field and it is replicated in any other area.

There is beauty in the struggle. It enables a person to appreciate the result and the success he/she has achieved. For those who take short cuts to their success, they do not appreciate their achievements as much as those who endured the challenges and devised mechanisms to overcome them. They take pride in their achievements. They get an intrinsic value of their success and it means much more to them than those who took the short cuts. Struggle is beautiful in itself as it adds value to your dream and rewards those who pursue it handsomely for not giving up.

It is also important to be smart while struggling. Some struggle is not worth it or bears insignificant fruits judging from the resources and efforts that went into it. It is important to be informed on the process that you ought to take to ensure your struggle pays off handsomely. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary activities that have very little significance to your success. Therefore, you ought to be informed on your trajectory and only focus on the activities that have significant output to your success. You may labor for long and believe in the struggle yet you are wasting your resources time, energy and effort which are not worth the output. Such unnecessary activities that take you time and resources drive your success goal further and may numb you and let you allow you goal to slither away. Therefore, the activities that have determine your success should always take precedence in your pursuit for success and stay informed on smart ways to make your dream a reality rather than wasting time on unnecessary activities.

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