Structural Theory Of Poverty (Essay Sample)

Structural Theory of Poverty

Poverty is one state that every individual wish not to be in because of the economic problems that one is subjected. Eradicating poverty is among the primary goals of a government. There are some ways through which poverty is reduced in a state. It is important to understand that poverty results because of some reasons. Lack of education and minimal support from the government to strengthen the economy are among the best reasons as to why poverty exists in our societies. There are some theories that are used in explaining reasons for poverty. One theory states that poverty is individual. This implies that the state of poverty in our society is because some are lazy, ignorant, and uneducated.

Structural poverty happens because of the structural economic holes that lead to low-income levels among the individuals. People in the structural poverty are quite different because they are capable of getting out of this situation because they are economically active hence this situation is not permanent. This is an indication that the government authorities or the federal system that is responsible for setting up economic structures in the state can only influence structural poverty. To reduce such holes leading to low-income levels among the public, it is prudent for the government to revise their structures to ensure that the citizens are economically empowered in a manner that they can generate income and create jobs in the society. This is an indication that structural poverty cannot be permanent. This type of poverty keeps on changing because of the dynamics that exist in the country.

The economy cannot be stable at any given time because of the changes that take place in an economy. The best way to curb structural poverty in a state is by ensuring that individuals are engaged economically, and this will ensure that every person can create money. The supply of money in an economy will reduce the inequality hence there will be a spread of wealth across all individuals. Furthermore, it is equally important to talk about the possible results that may arise because of structural poverty is prevalent in the society. Structural poverty may lead to some social evils that may corrupt the society in one way or another. This kind of poverty might force individuals to engage in criminal activities hence making the community around to be unsafe for residence. This implies that failure to act on this problem might lead to the further problem and in the end, this might give rise to a financial crisis in a state.

Therefore, it is important to take action especially by initiating project and creation of employment through constructions of industries. Structures are significant in an economy because of the important role that they play in ensuring that the holes of low-income levels are reduced. To sum up, poverty is a state that every individual, institution, and the government should put in a collaborative effort to ensure that it is reduced. In this way, people are given a chance to empower themselves by generating income in an economy. As a result, the state will benefit as well from these actions as the economy will be raised. Poverty is a stage towards economic achievement in a country, and thus there is a probability of going through it.

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