Stress And Its Effects On Young People (Essay Sample)

Stress and its effects on young people

Stress is the main reason that pushes many people to commit suicide; stress can be defined as a process whereby a situation causes tension, hence an individual try to find other ways to cope with unwanted emotions caused by the situation. Among young people, there are several causes of stress. Some including not being able to live up to their parent’s expectations, too much homework, failing a test, not being able to meet the deadline for a school project or worrying about his appearance.

Some students do not know how to organize their time, they end up feeling confused and feel stressed with their life. Because some of these reasons, many young people find destructive ways to eliminate stress. According to the latest research study, 1 in 6 young people experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. Many young people are likely to present symptoms of depression, especially during high school years. It is becoming obvious that many teenagers are likely to experience mental health problems, with one in 15 teenagers using harmful ways to cope with stress.

Stress comes in many forms and affects young people in different ways.  There are the physical and emotional effects of stress.  The physical effects of stress include developing chronic diseases. Emotional effects include depression and low self-esteem. Stress can also result in violence due to frustration. Stress affects young people pushing them to commit crimes and make bad decisions that might affect their future, like dropping out of school and even committing suicide. To deal with stress young people should be taught how to share their bad experiences with their friends and family members. If they keep quiet about their issues, one might develop serious health problems like heart disease, obesity or depression.

School can be stressful for many students because students are given challenging assignments and tests. Most students fear failing a test or getting a lower grade in an exam, hence this situation might stress them up. Many college students experience stress when they have to read numerous books to come up with an essay. As a result, some students might overwork themselves by studying throughout the week without taking a deserved break.

The main problem that causes stress among young people is being accepted in the social circle. Teenagers want to fit in their peer groups. They want to be accepted by their friends. Hence, they go out of their way just to fit in. The need to be real versus the need to fit in can cause pressure affecting one’s self-esteem.  Many young people resort to other ways to avoid feeling stressed like overeating that might affect their health. Young people needs to know why stress can be detrimental to their health; they need to be educated on good time management and how to develop healthy relationships with their peers.

It is evident that many young people want to attain everything at once; this might be able to use tension that can result in stress.  When stress pile up, the outcome is depression, aggression or other negative behaviors. Many adolescents might resort drinking or abuse drugs to overcome their stressful situation. Adults like teachers play an important role in the lives of young people, they can help them understand and relate to their problems. Adults need to give proper guidance to help young people overcome their stressful situations. Adults can counsel young people to help them release their emotions they are holding hence minimizing stress to a certain level. With proper guidance, young people can overcome their problem and stay productive.

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