Story Of Narcissus (Summary Essay Sample)

Story of Narcissus

It has always been an enduring mystery as to whether myths are actual events that happened in the past, or simply the creation of man’s fantastic imagination. So many myths abound on the planet, and some have even formed the basis of numerous schools of thought. They however, form an important source of social education for the present generation. Of all the societies, the Greek society has been historically laden with myths and legends, of gods and superhumans. Much of the current literature is in one way or the other, as a result of Greek mythology.

Narcissus is the embodiment or the story of one individual who is greatly valued and adored by the people around him. The only problem is that he, on the contrary, doesn’t appreciate any of these efforts. He constantly breaks the hearts of all those who fall in love with him. When he suddenly manages to have a look at himself, he loves his image so much to the extent that it leads to his demise. This story sets in motion the basic foundations of Greek civilization, amid intertwining subplots of various other acts by the gods and humans too.

This is a story about a nymph Echo who was in love with a human called Narcissus. The ability of Echo to engage in conversations and ask questions was taken by Juno, the god. On a more general sense, this was interpreted to be the consequences of her poor conduct or misbehavior. To a greater extent however, the predicament of Echo is as a result of an unfortunate spell that was cast on her and the members of the nymph by Hera. This was after they were suspected of having attracted the interest of Zeus. For that reason, Echo was only able to respond to questions. The reason for this is because Echo engaged Juno in conversation when the other nymphs moved from staying underground Jupiter. Juno is seen castigating a lesser being.

One day Echo went to a pond which she frequently visited when the view of the human man appeared. The man was Narcissus who automatically fall in love with the nymph Echo. However, Narcissus gets aggravated because Echo can only respond to him. It is so sad to observe Echo being unable to achieve the very basic of emotional performance, which is expression. Even worse is the fact that she is unable to explain to Narcissus, why this is the case. She is a victim of circumstances. Echo was only able to respond using the last words of whoever she spoke or listened to. Later Narcissus fall in love immediately when looked in the pond and saw himself. It becomes difficult for him to control the new lover or himself since it was his reflection.

This was the cause of the god Rhamnusia since Narcissus had despised the nymphs who had imitated him. Later Narcissus starts to weep inside the pool this results to his tears distorting the reflection that he had fallen in love with. Narcissus then said ‘Goodbye’ and the Echo uttered the same word ‘Goodbye,’ since she was still under the spell to repeat the last utterances of people. For this reason, Narcissus laid on the ground, cried and he died. His body was nowhere to be seen. When the friends came to get the body, they found flowers with green leaves and golden petals.  Ever since these flowers are referred as narcissus, after being named so by Echo.

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