Steroids, Sports, And The Ethics Of Winning (Essay Sample)


The essentials of competing in a fair way are an important principle for every participant to accomplish something that fulfills the interest to the general public. Being an inspiration to others elicits optimistic perception by means of competing a certain activity without using any issues of foul play. For this reason, winning a competition is always signaling fairness due to the application of required equipment, conditioning, facilities, and environments that are made in a standard format. In this case, the risk of being involved in foul play for a certain competition will less likely to happen. In this paper, it will be discussing the essentials of steroids, sports, and the ethics of winning a certain competition to encourage participants to improve their goals and performance.

A sport is a competitive activity that requires physical stamina in order to participate a certain event. This is a competitive physical action governed by a game to form a casual participation to improve the physical activity and skill of participants. Sport is an entertaining activity where participants show a spectacular amusement activity to allow the attention and interest of the spectators to satisfy their interest and belief. There is a variety of sporting activities that a person can participate, which is compatible with their interest to participate in such activities. In this case, the sporting discipline generates an interesting practice that enables a participant to show their skill to the public while competing against other participants. A person who regularly participates in a sport is called as an athlete, who symbolizes inspiration to others through his skill and knowledge to promote health and positive influence to the public.

For every sport, there are unavoidable circumstances that an athlete will be involved in malicious practices to satisfy their greed. This is through the integration of prohibited substances into their system so that they can take advantage against other competitors to win the event. Steroid is the most abused product that is injected inside an athlete’s body so that their stamina, energy, and performance become more productive and active (Wit & Oostdijk, 2015). However, there are ethical consequences for a person who injects steroid prior to participating a major sport. The reason behind is that they are simply cheating against their competitors for the purpose of acquiring the money without spending any single seat while performing their field of expertise. As a consequence, some athletes are banned from participating the competition or any other sporting activities. For worst case scenarios, athletes are banned for life and are required to return the winning prize money along with the fines.


For an athlete who wants to become an inspiration to others, it is always important to think about the consequences of cheating. This is because cheating always coincides with ethical violations and consequences. Cheating can destroy one’s career just simply because it would gain fame, power, and money against others. Ethics plays an important role for promoting discipline in the field of sports. The reason behind is that it seeks to prevent legal and ethical violations against innocent athletes who are promoting veracity towards their passion on showing their physical talent to the world. Ethics is an important measure to prevent athletes who only use their talent in order to take advantage against other individuals by using steroids and other banned substances while competing against others.


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