Spreading Greenery For A Healthy Living (Speech Sample)

Spreading Greenery For A Healthy Living

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this chance to look around at the environment that most of us have grown up in. for the better part of our lives we have been accustomed to the concrete jungle that is our towns and cities. However, there is a concept that is ages old and one that comes with a myriad of health benefits, living in greenery spaces. This is a concept that best represents the trend in a world that is largely affected by climatic changes, and offers a sustainable solution to most of the health challenges associated with pollution and changing climatic conditions.

Research published in the Psychological Science, indicates that green stretches, parking spaces, gardens and green pathways among others in the high-density areas have the ability to enhance the quality of life and the well-being of the people that live there. According to research the people that live spaces that are green tend to be happier. There has been a rapid growth with the urban spaces, relative to the rural urban migration. The growth has thus been associated with dwindling green spaces as they are replaced by concrete spaces such as walls and roads.

One of the ways that greenery spread in the public and private spaces helps to improve the quality of health, is through the provision of emotional release. The green spaces tend to help the occupants of any given spaces, the platform to release the pressures of their daily life. There is a feeling of happiness that is associated with spending time in an environment that is relaxing. It helps the occupants to better manage their level of stress levels, anxiety and depression. It is also important to note that, green spaces have been found to crucial when it comes self-reported mental health.

The level of air quality has also been found to improve, where there are green plants in the living spaces. This relates to absorbing dangerous gases such as ground level ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and particulate matter. This is to mean that, persons living in spaces that have the green plants, tend to have less poisonous gases. As such the chances of inhaling gases that have negative impacts on the health of the occupants is lower. Most of the health concerns associated with poor air quality, involve developing respiratory diseases. This has been a leading cause of death among most of the people living in the urban centers. As such, using the green spaces not brings on a better-looking environment, it also helps with reduction of the health complications.

There is also the fact that, with the green spaces, the element of cooling and regulation of the weather is much more refined. This means that occupants of the different spaces have the chance to live in an environment that best represents the ideal spaces. As such, there are less chances of developing health complications. This is relative to the fact that, where the spaces are associated with extreme weathers such as heat, there are heat strokes. These are fatal in most of the cases, especially where the occupants are small children or the elderly. This is also the case when it comes to cold weathers, which affect the occupants with respiratory systems. Ideally, this relates health complications such as cold and flus. With the greenery approach, it is much easier for the weather to be regulated to match, the ideal environment.

With the green spaces, there are more health benefits compared to the concrete spaces that most of us are used to. As such, the green spaces are more of a benefit to the occupants in reference to health, physically and emotionally. With these aspects in mind let us start with the spaces that are closest to us, our homes. Thank you for your time.

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