Someone You Respect Deeply (Essay Sample)

Someone You Respect Deeply

Every person has someone they respect, be it someone older than they are, the opposite sex, and/or other noticeable characteristics they have which plays a role in admiring and respecting that person to a certain level of degree.

As for me, I personally admire and respect my mother. My mother is a pedia-neuro, which means she specializes in treating patients 18 years and below, especially when it comes to treating kids with problems in the nervous system.

Why do I respect her though? There are different doctors with better specialties such as having two specialties such as immunology and neurology, and even doctors having specialty in cardiac surgery; however, none can beat the care that my mother has given us siblings over the past two decades of our lives.

My mother, as a pedia-neuro always had a toxic schedule, even up until now knowing she has a flock of patients eagerly waiting for her help every day, and mind you, she rarely went home early and if she did, that means she either finished helping in the operation with my dad who is also a doctor, an OB-GYNE to be precise (someone who operates on pregnant women and helps them clinically as well).

What else do I respect about her though? The fact that she graduated cum laude in the number one school in our country, and then went on being one of the best students in the best medical school, and later topped her residential training and board exams for pediatrics is one aspect but I also admired her as a doctor and as a mother who not only took care of us siblings but other kids around us, especially her patients.

My mother also has that patience any child could ask for. She was not the type to berate us if we did something wrong, but instead corrected us by telling us to do better next time. Honestly, the only time I ever saw her angry was when my little sister got bullied by some bigger guy and threatened the kid and the mother that no health care would be given to them should they get sick (especially that the hospital in our province was her), it was funny and I knew she did not mean to do it since it is part of her hypocritical oath to always treat everyone but eh, I just hope that kid learned his lesson not to mess with our family.

Hmm… well as a mother she was never really perfect. I mean, I did say she had patience, was very hard working for us, but as the eldest among the siblings, I really did not feel much of the love my younger siblings felt since at the time when I was younger, she was training for her neurological studies and that made me decide to start living in a dormitory in high school. Of course, it was never a valid reason to get away from your family because you were upset for lacking attention but cut me some slack, I was only just a kid back then and now that I am in medical school, I realized how wrong I was. In my defense, I did love my mother even though she was busy, I just took advantage of the fact that I had more allowance than my siblings then.

So yeah, I could go on all day about what and why I respect my mother for but so far, these have been the most noticeable I can say.

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