Solution Of Crime (Essay Sample)

Solution of Crime

The existence of crime in every society is not news anymore. On numerous occasions, the gradual increase of criminal activities has taken over the media and the public at large. This leaves people feeling quite insecure. Much can be done by the governments and citizens to curb crime activities in the society and hence the focus of this article.

Crime and poverty have been concurrent from time to time. Their imperative relationship makes it easy to note the steady increase in each of them. Poverty is one of the principal reasons people engage in crime. It is easier to go without food for a day or two while you are alone but having less funds to cater for one’s family can be difficult to comprehend. This forces some people to resort to crime in order to survive. The government, however, can step in and improve the education sector and reduce the unemployment levels in a country.

The media has also played a role in eruption of criminal activities. The internet has been a domain for violence. The films we watch make some of us think engaging in crime can be out of mere fun. Some people, therefore, form or join gangs and have a symbol for themselves. The sight of a gang terrorizes many people in the society and some try to fight back. Dreadful casualties are encountered which can be quite intricate to prevent. The government ought to deploy the police force in these terror prone zones and they should use the appropriate amount of force to deal with such situations. The unproductive and retrogressive use of the internet should also be controlled and those using it maliciously should be punished accordingly.

The rate at which robbery cases occur in our midst and also in the streets is almost becoming normal. Our streets may seem to be safe but there are some people who are always up to mischief and catching up with them can be quite a task. The installation of more surveillance cameras and deployment of more plain clothed police officers in the streets can help a great deal to decrease the terror in our streets. Constant watch over our streets makes it easy for suspicious activity to be spotted and immediate action taken.

Every community has educated and uneducated individuals. It can indeed help if the government involves itself in educating the nation about crime. Peace campaigns can also be done regularly and the use of the internet to spread the message can help to cover a wider region. Through this, people will feel a sense of belonging and that they are cared for.

The poverty stricken regions are the domain spots for upsurge of criminal activities. Poor living conditions makes an area prone to many violent activities. In order to curb crime in these regions, better living conditions and urban planning ought to be practiced. The government can step in and aid in improving the state of these regions by upgrading the buildings and improving the living conditions of these areas.

Poor parenting is also one of the crucial grounds for engaging in crime. Having the sense of belonging is very essential in a child’s development. Once a parent is not that concerned about his/her child’s wellbeing, this triggers an unwanted feeling. A child grows up thinking that he/she is not wanted in the family. He/she might, therefore, resort to go out and engage in crime and when he comes across others like him, gangs can sprout as well. Parents ought to supervise and monitor their children’s habits. This helps a child grow in the right path.

In conclusion, crime has been a constant menace in the society. The need to overcome it is imminent and all the stakeholders need to assume their positions and work. Through teamwork and help from the government, the solution to crime can be easily concocted.

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