Small Family Is Better Than Big Family (Essay Sample)

In the modern times, many people are resorting to the small family because of the many advantages that come with it. Some people perceive small family as the perfect and happy family for all people regardless of social status. This is because a small family can easily adjust in all conditions when compared to a big one. There are various reasons why a small family is considered better than a big family.

A small family is considered a happy one because there is less stress associated with economic issues. The small number of individuals in a family facilitates easier planning on basic issues such as food, health, and education. There is little expenditure on daily basic needs hence extra income is put on other important issues for the family. The family can live healthily and at the same time afford to spend money on the luxury such as holidays. This is not the case with large families having a similar income. A lot is spent on basic daily needs and any plan for luxury expenditure stretches into important needs hence denying the family happy life.

Closely related is the less stress for parents and children associated with the small family. At early ages, children have a lot of squabbles to resolve with the assistance of parents. This is because kids are more playful and their minds are actively growing. With only one or two kids, one has minimum parenting issues to handle. The big family has a challenge since one will always deal with misunderstandings arising from child games. This denies a parent maximum time of concentrating on other important issues.

A small family offers a better opportunity for parents to understand their children and create a strong bond. Few children enable parents to give maximum attention to their needs hence chance of conflicts is minimal. Parents and children have a better opportunity to share their life stories to each other and therefore strengthens the relationship. On the contrary, the large family does not offer sufficient time for parents to look after their children. Every child has their different needs and there is a risk of giving maximum attention to some while overlooking others. Consequently, conflicts develop among the family members.

A small family is a big advantage to mothers since they play a major role from carrying the pregnancy to taking care of the infant. One or two children in a family offer the mother with a lot of free time to focus on other issues such as career and developing themselves. In addition, the mother pays maximum attention to the needs of children. The small family, therefore, helps the mother to juggle between family and career life. However, the big family has the challenge of straining on free time of mothers. The mother will never get sufficient time of focussing on career development and children’s welfare.

Besides, the kids become more independent with small families. The few children strive to learn a lot about life on their own without much guidance and observation from fellow siblings. They set their own life expectations and work to achieve them. Therefore, with minimum guidance from parents, the children get to learn a lot independently which is necessary and important in a case of absence of parents.

The many advantages associated with small families do not, however, imply the big family only has disadvantages. Big families also have their own advantages but cannot override those accrued to small families.

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