Similarities Between Two People (Essay Sample)

Similarities between Two People

Despite being human beings, people often have differences and similarities. The similarities and differences can be either structural or behavioral. People not related by blood tend to have many differences as opposed to similarities. Twins siblings more often tend to have the appearance and behavioral similarities. Conversely, special cases occur when two or more people that are not blood-related occur to be very similar to each other in many aspects. Currently, I have two friends that share some similarities though they are not similar in appearance, something that proved to me the proverb “birds of the same feather flock together” is true. It is not easy noticing the similarities between them if one is not close enough to them. Both James and John are my friends. I would refer to them as my best friends owing to the long period that we have been together as friends, neighbors, and classmates. Appearance wise, John is tall and fat, with brown eyes and black hair. John, on the other hand, is tall, with both hair and eyes brown and tall as well.

The first similarity that James and John’s share is their hobby. They both like football as players and fans. Both James and John play for the school’s football team as midfielders. James is an attacking midfielder while John is a defending midfielder. While playing together, some sought of chemistry exists between them. Apart from football, they both love reading novels and watching movies. They enjoy reading novels at the same time, in turn, one after the other. Drama and action movies are their best. They barely listen to music.

Moreover, they share the same personality. Both of them are sociable, humored and talkative but neither strict nor discreet. Owing to their sociable trait, people often feel closer to them. They help others when faced with difficulties. When near them, one cannot stay for long without laughing; they mouths are full of funny stories filled with humor. They have many friends, and I am lucky to be one of them. An openness trait is embodied in them; they are both adventurous. They are always on the lookout to try new things and ideas, photos and videos on most occasions are used to mark their events.

They share the same dreams. They live very ordinary and simple lives. James and John believe that education and hard work is key to their success and for this reason, they have dreams of joining the university shortly to pursue degree programs. They both want to be engineers, James a civil engineer while John, a mechanical engineer. They dream of having small neat families in the future. They also dream of a nation where peace and justice go hand in hand. A country where their beloved children and generations to come will not suffer in the hands of few individuals who are influential.

Last but not least, both of them are apolitical. Politics talk is noise to James and John’s ears. They are not affiliated with any political party, not even to the ones their parents and close friends are affiliated to. They do believe that politics is a game that should be dealt with and participated in by adults who are eligible to cast their votes. Despite being talkative, they barely talk about politics.

In conclusion, as much as individuals are different in many aspects, special cases occur when few people are similar to each other in one way or another. Similarities should not be based on appearance alone but also on behaviors and personality traits possessed by individuals. This is because appearance wise two individuals might be very different but still have the same dreams, hobbies, and etcetera.

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