Similarities Between North And South Colonies (Essay Sample)

Similarities between north and south colonies

America is considered as a land of diversity and peace since it was established, the diversity and peace is evident during the period when the first English settlers came to America . The colonies were divided into three regional areas; these included, the New England colonies known as the northern colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies. The northern colonies occupied places like New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island while the southern colonies occupied places like  Virginia, Maryland, Carolina and North Carolina and Georgia.

During the 18th century, there were several interesting developments that took place in both southern and northern colonies. These similarities included how they maintained and controlled their power. These similarities were evident in many  ways, including their economic systems, the social systems, military systems and political systems. Both the northern and southern colonies relied on farming as their main source of livelihood, they both employed similar methods of  preparing the land and planted similar crops. The north planted wheat and corn and the south planted cotton and rice. They both employed economic policies based on their ideas of a nation. According to both colonies used the economic theory called mercantilism. According to this theory, precious metal like silver and gold were indispensable and from the nation’s wealth. The colonies encouraged trade to obtain precious metal  .they both believed that trade balances had to be favorable meaning that there had to be an excess of exports over imports.

Even though slavery was widely practiced in the south compared to the north, the North and South colonies supported the use of forced labor as a strategy to enrich themselves, people mostly from lower class worked to pay off their debts with labor work for the rich upper class for seven years.  Inequality was evident in their social stratum. Social structures were similar and were established along similar lines. There were large groups of people in the lower class, smaller number of people categorized in the middle class while a few formed the upper class. The white populations were wealthy plant owners in both the north and the southern colonies while other races formed the middle and lower classes.

Some similarities were also witnessed in the status of women in the society during this period, even though women were treated better, they were not given any respect. In both colonies, females had not say in many things, their rights were limited, women had no right to choose whom they would marry. Both the north and south colonies used  slaves for labor, and social differences were seen as the upper class controlled other classes because of their power. The north and the southern colonies were more similar in their military operations than other aspects. The heavy influence of the West Point was seen in their military strategies and tactics, including their weaponry, training, rank structure and their chain of command.

Regarding governance, both the north and the south had legislatures that could create, amend and ratified laws, but lacked the proper representation of all classes. Religion played a major role in the early societies in the north and the south. People were allowed to practice any Christian religion they wanted. The early history of the north and the southern colonies had distinct features, but also shared similar views on not only religion but also political, economic and social systems. All the colonies originated from Europe, it seemed that the regions were both distinct and similar in many ways as they attempted to settle in America in different regions.

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