Similarities Between Nike And Adidas (Essay Sample)


All of the types of sports invented by man have their different rules and regulations. The implementation of these rules apply to the sort of equipment that is used in each sport. The sophistication of the equipment used also depends on the sport itself and the nature of those who play it. The use of sports equipment has grown and developments have been made technologically over the years to improve their performance and also the efficiency in which the sportsmen and women use to play the sports. Increased use of sports equipment led to the formation of companies which would provide the equipment at a cost of course. Nike and Adidas are such companies and this paper sets out to explain the similarities that exists between them through their methods of operation.

Products of Services ordered

The first similarity is that both of them specialize in performing the same type of services. That is they provide sports equipment and apparel for those who participate in it. Examples of such equipment include balls (soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, netballs, American footballs, and handballs), nets (mostly used in goal posts and baskets), and sportswear such as jerseys among others. The appeal that these equipment bring to their respective sports is what makes them enjoyable to watch. The two brands compete in producing the best equipment which may ease the efforts through which the sportsmen/women use to play the games they do. Both companies are also household names. They are very popular brands that are known of the world over. The spread of sports activities to bring together communities throughout the world has greatly influenced the different communities involved through the companies’ logos.

Advertising Methods

The two brands are in constant competition of controlling global markets. Both of them intend to become the major distributor of equipment in different parts of the world. Bigger markets imply that there will be bigger returns in the end of their financial years. In achieving such returns, they use brand ambassadors such as professional athletes to market their products. The logic behind using brand ambassadors is that once potential customers see their favorite athletes using the equipment portrayed by the advertisements, they will most likely acquire the showcased equipment. The chosen brand ambassadors have to be among the best at what they do. For example, one of Nike’s brand ambassadors is Cristiano Ronaldo who markets some of their soccer boots and jerseys as well. Adidas on the other hand use Lionel Messi to market their merchandise. Since both soccer players represent opposite soccer teams in the Spanish PrimeraLiga, they symbolize the competition between the two companies.

Sponsorship of Athletes

In addition to using different sports players to advertise their brands, both companies sponsor some of the athletes throughout their careers. The athletes have to be adequately talented to do so though. The sponsorship of the players also help in the marketing of the companies.

Sophistication of Equipment

Both companies apply the best engineering methods on the equipment that they produce. Various forms of resistance such as friction affect the players’ efficiency of the playing grounds thus sophisticated modifications should be done to handle such inconveniences. Each year, both companies ensure that they have be best scientists and engineers who can implement the modifications that are wanted by the players.


Both companies have evidently done their best to ensure that they offer the best products and services they can to satisfy their customers. Being in the same field requires each of them to be adequately equipped to perform the tasks that they should perform. With respect to their status as global brands, the similarities of their methodologies have earned them their rightful places.

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