Similarities Between Animal Farm Book And Movie (Essay Sample)

Similarities between Animal Farm Book and Movie

Animal farm is an allegorical novel by George Orwell. It was first published in England 1945 august 17. According to the author the book is related to the events that led up to the Russian revolution in 1917. Mr. John who is the owner of the manor farm is a heartless, mean man who slaughters pigs and dogs and throw them when they get too old. The story majorly focuses on the small group of animals. At the beginning of the story Manor informs the other animals that human beings are their greatest enemy by using the revolutionary songs called beast of England. The story continues as the Major passes on some weeks later. Napoleon and Snowball takes charge of the farm and help the rest of the animal in preparation for rebellion that would arise later on. However, during their revolt the animals led by napoleon and snowball manage to get rid of the farmer who was called Mr. John. After the successful victory the animals completely take charge of the farm giving it a name (the animal farm).this was in the novel as well as some bit of it was shown in the movies. Though the movie contradicts a lot with the novel but eventually we can find some similarities in it. This essay seeks to show the similarities between the animal farm and the movie.

The animals led by snowball and napoleon burns the equipment used by Mr. john to hurt them and the ones used to make them work. In the novel the writer clearly states the way the animals after gaining their victory they burn all things used by Mr John to their disadvantage although Mr. John is not there in the movie but the animals are seen burning the items. Snowball begins to plans for a windmill, which will later provide electricity and afterwards give the animal’s leisure time, but Napoleon strongly opposes such a plan and idea on the grounds that building the windmill will give less time for producing food. in the movie napoleon is also not supporting the idea of the windmill. This becomes also the similarity between the two. Napoleon is also seen carrying the puppies, drinks all the milk. These are some of the similarities shown between the novel and the movie. Although the movie does not show some aspects of the novel but so far there are similarities. on Sunday in the novel the pigs offer animals to vote while napoleon commands the ferocious dogs which chases snowball out of the farm. This is also the similarity between the two as the dogs chase snowball out of the farm claiming that snowball was coinciding with Mr. John to come and repossess the farm. Another similarity is seen when napoleon gives an order that all animal should not sleep on the bed apart from the pigs. In the movie the pigs sleep on the white sheet laid on the bed as the rest of the animals find their way outside the house. However, napoleon’s becomes like a dictator and stars to apply hash rules over the animals. In the movie, napoleon starts to trade with the outside world as well as in the novel. Squealer begins to take alcohol. Both this are similarities of the two. Lastly boxer is sold by napoleon. This is when napoleon decided to sell boxer. The two, the animal farm and the movie have similarities however not all the content in the novel is in the movie.

In conclusion, the similarity between the two is evident enough. Napoleon drinking all the milk, selling boxer, ordering dogs to chase snowball, opposing the idea raised by snowball in binding of a windmill which will support electricity and lastly burning the thing used by Mr. john to make the work. These are the similarity that is evident enough.

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