Significance Of Maps In Geography (Essay Sample)


A map is an important symbolic presentation of places being represented by a feature or an element. The symbols represent the area where space, regions, and themes are presented in the map. This is important for the field of geography because it can specifically address the location of the areas that will be indicating the current position of a person who wants to navigate a certain location. Maps are usually generated to establish a position where shapes, objects, locations, and places are presented in the illustration, paper, or graphical analysis. In this position, this paper aims to discuss the importance of maps in geography. It seeks to find out the relevance of maps being used in a geographical analysis of each presented area or object in an area.

The significance of map is to currently locate the position of a certain object, material, person, place, or equipment. Using map is one of the most significant ways to decrease the time finding lost object, person, or equipment over a certain time. A map indicates objects that are lost, which could have the chance to be found, using sensors, radar, and other mapping tools to locate an object. For travelers, using a map is important because they are able to locate the preferred destination where they will be traveling for their next trip. Another is to lessen the effort of finding something that is significant for every person or groups who are having an ongoing rescue mission over a certain issue. In this way, engagement of maps creates an update regarding the current location of an object that is in the center of gravity for the search by individuals or groups.

There are specific types of maps used by individuals depending on their activities, roles, and situations. Political maps are used by each country to define their territorial jurisdiction so that residents from other countries will learn and appreciate the borders that divide nations. Topographical maps are used by geologists to focus on the landscape of a certain area that seeks to identify areas that have different land or sea features such as mountains, plains, lakes, rivers, and oceans. A weather map indicates the weather pattern, which is focused on any presence of any natural-related phenomenon affecting a certain country. Geo-satellite map is a tool that locates the current position of a person using online resource tools such as software and internet connection to provide relevant information about the current place where the person is located.

The challenges associated with the map are the consistency of its physical presentation. This is because there are areas around the world that is yet to be discovered by scientists and explorers to help indicate the exact location of the object, place, or person. Others have conflicting reports regarding the current location of the object due to a conflict of interest. There are other parts of the world whose land borders are currently in dispute, which shows an unconfirmed land border between the affected countries because there was no international arbitration that were applied. But overall, maps strengthened every person’s sense of identity because it shows how a person would let themselves associate with a certain nation, given that they belong to a country as shown by their location. In this case, maps in geography are an important measurement of one’s identity and location (Cappell, 2014).


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