Significance Of Irony (Essay Sample)

Significance of Irony

The irony in a text is a literary device that is used in the illustration of a situation whereby the end outcome is contrary to what was expected by the audience. This is one of the most common devices that are used in stories and plays and plays a significant role in the script. Usually, the authors ensure that some of the characters in the book depict this aspect. One of the most important roles that irony plays is the fact that it initiates humor among the audience. This breaks the boredom among the audience and increases their concentration, as they are anxious about the end. The irony in play is important because it creates anxiety among the readers as they are eager to find out the next step or situation only to find out that it is very different from what they expected.

On the other hand, the relevance of the text is critical especially to the targeted audience. Literary devices are often used to bring in connection in a play or an individual storyline. One example of irony in a text is the dramatic irony that is often employed by many authors in their work. It ensures that knowledge is passed through the audience. The audience tends to be keen on cases or scenes of drama in a text. This aspect of omniscience cannot be experienced in our lives, but we can enjoy it in literature. Also, the audience is expected to evaluate the book regarding the devices that are used and the manner in which the different characters conduct themselves. This implies that the public can judge a character and provide alternative ways of appreciating the characters actions and personality. This is evident, as we have seen in some plays where the characters who are put in scenes of dramatic irony are often the main characters and best and at times with bad personalities according to the readers.

Literature is not only about knowledge but at times it is considered as fun, and in this way, it can be used as a source of enjoyment especially when we watch the plays. In this case, irony brings a sense of humor and fun in play thus engaging the audience throughout. Irony is used to distinguish between right and wrong. In many cases, we tend to have a perception of a particular outcome in a play or novel. We tend to understand this differences depending on the manner in which characters play their role. Also, another significant role that irony plays is to ensure that it provides a reflection of how we live in the society. This has been applied in true stories where the author tries to incorporate real life situations that the social experiences. We learn from such scenes as some of the situations have affected us directly. Irony mainly revolves around family or even friends where close individual betrays others contrary to the audience’s expectation.

In summary, it is evident that irony is an important device in the literature that plays a significant role. Humor is one of the roles that irony plays in a text whereby it breaks the boredom among the audience. Irony tends to reflect our life experiences and brings in the feeling when outcomes change as per our expectations. This implies that irony brings more enjoyment in the text as the audience is anxious about the next happening.

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