Significance Of Early Marriage (Essay Sample)

Significance of early marriage

In the modern world today, where education and job hunt are viewed as an essential part of life, marrying at the age of 30 years, and above is regarded as a norm. This statement is true to some extent but to others, early marriage, getting married at age 18 years or in the twenties is their thing. Early marriage is defined by many as getting marriage when one partner is 18 years and below, or both partners are 18 years and below. In this article, however, early marriage is defined as getting marriage at the age between 18 and early twenties.  Getting married early has both advantages and disadvantages.

Marriage has no stipulated time in one’s life; it’s a big decision to be made in one’s life. Marriage is the only thing that has no perfect time; it entails a lot of learning and experience. Whether one marries at the age of thirties or twenties, one has to learn the art of marriage to live happily in marriage life. Therefore, the earlier the better for a couple to learn what marriage is for their daily life in marriage.

At a young age, couples have enough time to live together before one partner especially the wife reaches menopause, the age when females cannot bear children anymore. Therefore the couples will not have the pressure of childbearing. The couples can easily and well plan when to have their children, probably after laying a sound financial foundation to raise their children.

At early ages, parents feel bonded to their children. Age twenties is an exciting phase of life, and many parents will want to experience this part of life with someone they love, their child. Children born and raised with parents at twenties always feel the most of the parental love; the parents are always ready to take them to different places to experience new things. Given the young age of parents, parents can freely and easily show their children different kinds of games to play, from hide and seek to football.

Early marriages bring the sense of new responsibility in life. Once married people start being responsible, they have to make mature decisions to survive in their marriage and also to raise their families responsibly. A married couple will start thinking of how to save for their children, invest in their children and raise successful children instead of idle thinking. The society will also give you respect for your sense of responsibility.

People must retire from their work. Getting married early will certainly mean that at the age of retirement your child will be able to depend on him/herself to live. At retirement, most people get small income that cannot be squeezed to get a child educated to the level of getting a job.

Early marriage also poses a lot of challenges to the young couples. The partners lack understanding. At a young age, the partners are not mature enough to understand each other. At the early age, most people feel they are right not giving space to learn the weakness of each other. By not learning and understanding each other the couples are bound to part ways, leading to a rise in marriage breakups.

Couples can also experience financial difficulties. Getting married early can sometimes mean that the level of education of parents is not sufficient enough to earn them a well-paying job to raise their families. Financial difficulties affect children negatively as they will not get a proper education.

Early marriage is an exciting idea and should be reconsidered by the public. The young couple must focus on how to understand and encourage each other.  At an early age, the pair’s parents can convince and support their children to further their education to get good jobs to raise their kids to avoid difficulties in finances.

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