Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades (Essay Sample)

Should students get paid for good grades

As long as I can recall, bringing home a good report from school would only earn you a big thank you and a pat on the back from your parents.  Today, if you get good grades you receive more than just a pat, its money in your pocket.  I wonder why parents should give their children money because studying is every student’s responsibility. Getting good grades is the fruit of studying hard which should be a requirement for all the students.  Giving children money for good grades does not benefit them in future.

Anyone paid for good grades will soon have many expectations in life. He will believe that any good results need to be rewarded and will always expect something in return.  Such action will not make children try their best. Children will always associate good grades with money, but they will not be proud of their achievement. Studying will lose meaning because learning will lose its value, all these children will be thinking of getting money. For me, students need to set goals and put more efforts to achieve these educational goals.

Giving money for good grades is not helping children challenge their capabilities, children have unique skills that they need to discover, but this cannot be possible if all they do  is  think of money. Money not only kill talents, but also kill the future of many bright children. Parents should not manipulate their children to study using money.  It is wrong to lure children into studying. This gives them the wrong impression about life. Children will grow up thinking that everything in life revolves around money. If parents keep rewarding their children with money because of good grades, most children will be focusing on making money, assuming that money is the ultimate goals in learning but not achieving a better life.

Even though many parents believe that motivating their children by giving them money will help them do well in school, parents expect too much from their children. Not every child can achieve good grades every time. Some children may have learning challenges that need to be addressed instead of being pushed to attain good grades. I believe that each parent should be proud of their child achievement; they should learn to take pride in themselves and encourage their children to work hard without bribing them.  Being proud of your achievement has a bigger affected than just being given money. Money can just last for hours, but pride is something you will carry along for a very long time.

If all students are paid for getting good grades, they will not take learning seriously and at one point fail to see the importance of learning. Being paid for your grade means imparting wrong values to our children. Children will have no sense of pride because all they will want is money. In addition, children will lose sight of what is important in life. Finally, most parents cannot sustain this habit because it might be expensive in the end. Parents are likely to kill their child’s morale since they might not have enough money  to motivate their children.  I believe that children should work hard to get good grades and be proud of themselves, but the ultimate reward for good grades will eventually come in the end this is by getting a good job.

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