Should State Colleges Be Free To Attend? (Essay/Paper Sample)

Should State Colleges Be Free To Attend?

State colleges are not free to attend. As students pay to access education services, the graduation rate is not as high as it would have been had the universities been free to attend. The debate on whether or not higher education should be free in public institutions has persisted for a long period, with political, social, and economic considerations dominating the debate. This paper contends that making state college free is necessary and highly beneficial.

Not all families have the ability to pay for their children’s higher education yet education is significantly related to the career that one pursues in the future. Consequently, the quality of life is, to a great extent, related to one’s academic achievements. If a student cannot get access to public institutions of higher education due to, among other factors, lack of finance, this would adversely affect the quality of their future life.

Some individuals oppose free education in public institutions of higher learning on the basis that payment for teachers is pegged on the fees that students pay. Other groups also oppose free public academe education programs on the basis that such an arrangement would compel universities to create wait lists due to the high number of qualified students who would be applying for such opportunities. This would ultimately strain state budgets, resulting in cuts on desired programs.

Other groups also argue that despite the provision of public education, most of the students would still require funds for living expenses, books, and supplies. As a result, they would have to borrow implying that by the time they graduate, they would have considerable loan amounts to repay, just as is the case in the current arrangement. This argument can, however, be countered by the fact that tuition is the greatest burden that many students and families face. Once it is paid, the other expenses can be managed through family-based arrangements.

State colleges should be made free to attend. All Americans desire to achieve the so-called ‘The American Dream.’ The American dream is associated with marrying, having a nice family, owning a home where one can bring up their children, a nice job or business, and accumulating wealth. This is only possible if one attains a quality education and a stable income. However, currently, when students graduate from state universities, most of them have huge student loan debts which they are expected to repay. Such loans seriously hamper a young person’s chances of ever attaining the American dream. In fact, huge student loans are rated as one of the biggest hindrances to a graduate’s prosperity and happiness.

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Furthermore, the gap between affluent and poor American families can only be reduced through provision of equal education opportunities. For instance, it has been noted that most of the top-performing high school students from minority, low-income backgrounds hardly apply for competitive courses in the prestigious universities and colleges due to financial constraints. Such students instead choose to pursue courses in less-selective schools whose charges are affordable. Consequently, chances of the rich-poor gap reducing are low. Free public school education would enable qualified students to choose competitive courses in any college that they desire.

Highly educated individuals tend to make better decisions at every level in the society. This could result in faster economic and social progress. In addition, a student who constantly worries about the lack of tuition fees is unlikely to focus on his studies. Free school education would enable learners to settle down and focus on their studies hence they would graduate on time. They would enable them to take up employment and they would start earning early. That forms the basis for the attainment of the American dream.

Is free public university practical? It is possible for the government to pay for the free public institution. Potential sources include: increasing taxes on the incomes of America’s wealthiest citizens, decreasing military expenditure, checking on wasteful spending by government departments and agencies, and checking on corporate taxes loopholes.


The establishment of free public college education is achievable. To attain The American Dream, every qualified and competent high school student should be given a chance to pursue higher education. Commitment from the government and other stakeholders can enable students to proceed with higher education hence assure them of better future lives.

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