Should Illegal Immigrants Be Made Legal Citizens (Essay Sample)


Numerous views arise over whether immigrants should receive legal status in the countries they are currently residing. In a country such as the United States with about eleven million undocumented immigrants, contradicting views arise. Some consider them as a burden to a country as they broke the law and take away essential benefits meant for the citizens, while others feel they should remain in the country as they contribute immensely to the economy through utilization of their talents and working hard. Illegal immigrants are part of the American society contributing immensely to the social and economic aspects. Becoming citizens would only increase their contribution to the country. The research paper discusses why illegal immigrants should become legal citizens.


The economic benefits of offering citizenship to undocumented immigrants are quite high. The Center for American Progress, documents significant economic gains a country would enjoy by providing legal status to undocumented immigrants. Immigrants are workers that not only contribute to the growth of the economy through employment and paying of taxes but also through purchasing of various products and creating a demand for more products. Thus, when they attain legal status, they afford to get an education that increases their skills and abilities to get better jobs; they earn more, which translates to increased taxes, purchasing power, and consumption rates. Consequently, according to the Center for American Progress, the country’s GDP would enjoy a growth of 1.4 trillion dollars in ten years if they received legal status, making it a worthy step to take.

States reliance on undocumented immigrants is so high that they should treat them as equal citizens and bring them to the light to continue ripping their benefits. The Department of Labour estimates that more than three million employees are unregistered immigrants. Numerous sectors of the US primarily depend on their provision of services and assistance. The food production industry relies on them for growing, harvesting, and processing of food; they offer vital services to domestic workers, construction workers, and other unskilled labor that most Americans decline to provide. Citizens also depend on them to take care of their supreme treasures, families, and children. Therefore, it is accurate that without these individuals the country would suffer appalling disadvantages in these aspects. Hence, since a country continues to rely on these people, they should receive treatment of dignity and respect that they deserve and they show to the citizens in return by making them legal citizens.

Immigrant persons deserve to enjoy the very rights fought for by the founding fathers. The rights and privileges enjoyed by American citizens came about because of them showing allegiance, support and willingness to help their country. On average, undocumented individuals have lived in the country for ten to twenty years. Despite their entry through the breaking of the immigration law, they have spent their time making up for this, by contributing to the building of the country by working, paying taxes, and maintaining discipline by upholding the law. These individuals have demonstrated loyalty, cohesion, and a contribution to the national good. However, due to their status, they continually live as second-class citizens, in fear of deportation and in vulnerability to poverty due to access only to manual jobs that minimally meet their needs and exploitation. For a country that enjoys vital privileges fought for by their founding fathers, they should extend the same to the undocumented.


Legalization for all is essential to the success of a country and a benefit to illegal immigrants. Legalization of eleven million immigrants in the United States results in a significant boost to the economy while attempting to expatriate them back denies them essential rights introduced by the founding fathers and disadvantaging the country through the economic dead end.

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