Should Boxing Be Banned (Essay Sample)

Boxing: A Co-curricular Activity. Not Fight!

Do you love sports? Well, I can’t spend a whole week without engaging in a sports activity. Personally, I love football and enjoy playing it. Besides, I am a fan of a football game and follows every American football leagues in the various states. The passion in sports varies in every person from indoor games to outdoor extracurricular activities. One such game in the USA is boxing. Many school children, college students among others join boxing schools due to their love for it. However, other students see boxing as a platform for fighting or settling a score. Boxing should be included in school as an extracurricular activity just like other sports since it makes a person fit, gives good mind control and anticipation beside a form of career. Boxing goes beyond its meaning of legalized approach and skills of attacking another person or defending oneself in a ring. A brief history gives an account of many professional boxers such as Mike Tyson, Mohamed Ali and the latest Floyd Mayweather who have taken boxing as their career. These people have shown the passion for boxing.

The opponents of the argument that boxing should be in schools note that it results in serious injuries especially to critical locations such as the skull. The bone of contention here is the probability of having cerebral bleeding that is life threatening to the athlete. The argument on injuries is refutable since minimal injuries do occur. A close examination of the number of deaths reported that boxing has the least occurrence of injuries compared to other sporting activities. Most athletes lose their lives in major sporting events such as motor sports, air sports, mountaineering and ball games. Therefore, the negative notion of more accidents does not affirm the point.

Secondly, boxing is healthy and safe for the body and self control. In most cases, students who take boxing as their favourite extracurricular activity are aware that a person cannot box without getting fit. Therefore, including boxing in school helps these students get into shape, stay in shape as well as remain active. Besides, during the practice session, the athletes learn a lot on their senses, intuition and anticipation of next moments they would make or the movements of the opponent. Since it is a sport, an athlete regularly commits to it. On the same note, students learn how to control their emotions and prepare themselves both physically and mentally. Mentally, boxing helps in self-control and makes a person calm as well as enhancing self-respect and even respect for others.

Lastly, some people argue that boxing makes people wild, crazy, and rowdy especially attracting these natures when boxing. On the contrary, boxing enhances calmness and respect. The athletes who engage in boxing have compliance and peace hence it transforms a person to be responsible. If boxing would have been for fighting, then it would have been no longer existing in Olympic Games as well as counted as one of the sports. Therefore, introducing boxing in schools would teach the students self-respect that may not exist in football games or other extracurricular activities. Also, boxing teaches self-defense and may be a way of ending bullying in school due to its way of instilling self-discipline and control among students.

In conclusion, there are many justified and verifiable reasons to support the existence of boxing. For example, athletes are taught self-discipline, stay in shape, and learn self-control and calmness. Therefore, introducing boxing as an extracurricular activity in school has more advantage irrespective of minimal injuries.

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