Self Dependence (Speech Sample)


We need self-dependence because every person in the world needs to rely on themselves when they are going to integrate their personal and professional stability on a personal level. This is because relying on ourselves is the best way to ensure that we will not regret any failures that we experience in the future. As compared to leaders, self-dependence has been a key player to fulfill their needs and aspirations to become a productive individual. Leaders prefer to work on themselves because they believe that it is their might, wit, and influence is the key to overcome any restrictions or challenges that impact their productivity at work. In this case, Being an independent person is an important quality to move forward without seeking other’s help.

Every person should know that Self-dependence is the process by which a person only depends on their own selves when dealing with a task. The purpose of promoting self-dependence is not to rely on other’s efforts while currently accomplishing a certain activity or a task. The rationale of promoting self-dependence is to prevent an individual on developing self-greed or selfishness, which is an undesirable quality that a person experiences. This is when a person starts to work hard so that they could reach their dream without the help of other individuals. People who are independent prefer to work alone without the need of being supported by other individuals in order to accomplish their task for a certain period of time. One of the main reasons is to prevent any conflict of interest whenever a failure is experienced by one of the individuals who has been trying to accomplish something but fell short due to having an inability to fulfill their task.

We usually observe successful leaders who already experienced promoting self-dependence as part of their routine. Chief executives have their own unique style of leading their people without using another individual’s strengths and convictions. This is especially when they were starting their dreams before becoming a prominent leader in their respective career. The essence of self-dependence will only dissipate if a person starts to establish partnerships with other parties. In this case, the significance of establishing self-dependence allows a certain party to prove that they can only operate without the assistance of other individuals. This has been an admirable practice that has been set by anyone who wants to succeed alone so that there will be no interested party that will interfere with the interest of their partners.

We should be aware that self-dependence usually experiences sacrifices because a person operates as a single unit whenever they try to challenge their dreams by sacrificing their time, effort, and expenses. A lone functioning unit is challenging but worth fighting for it because the involved person learns how to become stronger while fulfilling their dreams and aspirations to become a promising individual to succeed. Self-dependence is the best way to conquer your weaknesses because you are going to perform alone when being assigned to challenge a certain activity. If you will fall, you will learn how to override your weaknesses and soon overcome challenges that can impact your performance. In this way, you will slowly develop strengths to ensure that your creative dependency status becomes a formidable skill and knowledge that you can share with other individuals such as your followers (Huitt, 2012).


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