Scope Of Science And Technology (Essay Sample)

Scientia is the Latin origin of the word Science or as defined as “knowledge” while Techne, is the Greek origin of the term we used today as “technology” which can be translated into art of skill or cunning hand. Since the time of old civilization, there have been concept for science and technology. Many known characters of our history emerges as they provide solution, discovery and invention that enables human life to develop and progress one step further in life like Galileo Galilei, Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and many more. It is interesting to understand to what extent does science and technology encompasses.

Amongst to the scope of science and technology, is anything that provide explanation to phenomena experienced by our planet and creatures living on it, including us, and even the other planets that exists even in faraway galaxies. The importance of providing concrete explanation to different events in our environment is to be able to learn how we can maximize and benefit from these experiences, and in some scenario this increases the survival ability of human as it could give forewarnings and give medication in any case an incident might occur like in those animal bites, poisonous plants and others. Also, being able to understand such things makes us more passionate and appreciate what our environment can provides us, invoking our inner self to be kind and be better on taking care of ourselves as well as the environment. The discipline of science and technology that were developed for this concept ranges from Chemistry, as it could study the basic structure of materials and all sorts of chemical reactions, to Physics, on explaining all kinds of forces involved.

In addition, one of the topics in range by science and technology is to improve human society and its way of living while preventing or cutting the losses on our environment. While it is true that we had advanced our life status way back during the industrial revolution, but a large portion of our environment have been the price for that. Government leaders in many different countries are teaming up in order to provide a joint task that can counter the danger of the global warming with the help of science and technology.  There have been studies on different process that were initiated to provide solution on excessive waste that human had to dispose, treating the after effect of CFC in our atmosphere and a lot more. In general perspective, science and technology is now launching a wide scale campaign on promoting “clean and green” agenda. A lot of building codes and designs now are being renovated to conform the ‘green’ or relatively energy saving concept. In energy resources there have been the “renewable energy sources” or the transformation of natural occurring forces like wind, solar, steam, waves and others to electrical energy that will be used by the community instead of relying to diesel or gasoline. Underneath this impression some of the disciplines established were multiple field of engineering – civil, mechanical, electronics, environmental and others.

Lastly, the scope of science and technology is aiming to focus on what is the ‘truth’. It doesn’t conform to the society standards about what is right and what is wrong but rather it pushes the concrete and undeniable fact, backed by different test with the guide of machines and instruments developed in advancement of technology, to promote the unbiased and correct information. The scope of science and technology, in a certain viewpoint can be considered to vast and almost endless, as it can discuss theories suggesting the creation of the universe to theories that guesses the end of humanity, and there are also studies on even smallest particle as well as creating and experimenting these particles. It has been said that the truth shall set us free, free from fear and all those that limits us from achieving the best of what we could be, and all these can be done through the help and guidance of science and technology.

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