Science In The Service Of Humanity (Essay Sample)

Science in the Service of Humanity

Science has positively impacted the lives of individuals through offering solutions to complex issues in the community. Science has impacted agriculture, medicine, transport, communication and other sectors in life. Scientists help in developing technology that will address problems facing the society, building knowledge for policy making and addressing issues facing the society through the development of processes. Life has been made easier by technology in the following ways.

Cure for Terminal Diseases

Sciences have made possible for physicians to come up with the required vaccines to people so that they can improve their immunity against particular diseases. Diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer have been conquered by the use of science making it possible to increase the social and economic progress of the community. These inventions to cure serious diseases have reduced the mortality rate in the world making it possible to achieve set national goals.

Communication Improvement

Science has improved communication to the public where people are able to easily access information from various parts of the world. This is made possible through the invention of radios, televisions, internet and other communications mean to facilitate the flow of information to the people. Mobile phone inventions have greatly improved the lives of people as one is able to share information with friends and relatives regardless of the distance.


Science has improved the diagnosis of various diseases and conditions affecting patients. This is important to have an understanding of the disease cause in ensuring that there is proper medication administration to the patient. For instance, X-rays makes it possible for one to identify the area where there is a fracture so as to effectively assist the individual. Science improves efficiency in health care as the causes of diseases are well identified by physicians. Surgeries are made possible through the use of science as there are many machines to ensure that the process is accurate and a patient is well after the operation.

Technological Improvement

Science has made it possible to develop computers and the internet which have positively impacted the community. Technology has made it possible for individuals and business to handle various issues in the external environment. Business operations have been made faster, able to store and share information. The implementation of science in business makes it possible to handle the issues in the external business environment for the achievement of set goals of business operations. With the inclusion of technological advancements in business environment, the ease of doing business has been improved globally. The geographical boundaries that hitherto existed have now been closed. For instance, the payment systems that have penetrated worldwide have seen an increased trade between countries that never cooperated in business before.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Electronic fund transfer is also essential in ensuring that there is an effective flow of funds from one individual to another. The science invention has greatly improved the performance of the business as the funds are easily accessible and transferable. Six is where scientists have made organ transplant possible so as to ensure there is continuity of life. Skillful transplant of liver, kidney, lung and heart improves the immune system of an individual so as to achieve set personal goals. Seven is electricity which has positively impacted the growth of industries in a nation. Electricity is used as energy for industries and for lighting. Lastly is the invention of planes, trains, boats and vehicles for an effective transport sector. Science has made it possible for individuals to move from one place to another which is vital for social and economic progress in the world.

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