Science As Curse (Essay Sample)

Science is the witty and practical activity comprising the study of the physical behavior of the earth in a systematic manner. There are quite many discoveries that have been made by man that has proved to be destructive. An example of these developments is the atomic bomb that was first used in two towns in Japan. The effects of the bombs’ radiation are still present to date and still affect generations after the bombing. Many other countries possess deadly chemical and biological weapons that pose a significant threat to large masses of humans.

Global warming has dangerous effects on the human race. The ozone layer protects the earth from the ultraviolet rays reaching us. These rays are hazardous as they can cause skin, eye and immune problems. Global warming comes about because of the constant use of petroleum products and release of waste materials into the atmosphere. Simple machines like refrigerators and air conditioners emit gases that puncture the ozone layer with holes. Global warming’s direct effect is the change in the sea level due to the melting ice in Antarctic region.

Science has driven humans to be crazier than animals. People slaughter and kill each other all for the thrill of using new weapons discovered. We have had leaders that hold nukes and threaten other countries that they would launch them unless they cooperated with them. Dangerous weapons have posed a significant threat especially when they land into the wrong hands. The discovery of deadly weapons has in a big way started the war in many regions since superpowers tend to counter the countries holding the weapons before they used them.

Many industries have been made as a result of science creating job opportunities for the population but not for long because there came the invention of machinery. The design of machinery left much jobless and sad, distressed and angry. Although the cost of production reduced due to the efficiency of the mechanism, there was reduced buying power of the people creating a whole new problem. Due to competition and the need for survival, unemployment led the people to indulge in criminal activities.

Industries that are as result of science produce products every day. This industries and factories need raw materials, which mostly come from the earth. Extraction of raw materials leads to the destruction of our natural resources, for example, the forests. Destruction of forests in such for raw materials leads to climatic changes and patterns. These shifts in the climate have led to droughts and spread of desert conditions thus leading to starvation. Wildlife habitats are destroyed in search for minerals leaving the land ugly.

Due to the discovery of certain chemicals that make drugs in animals, these particular animals have been killed and almost leading to their extinction. Exploiting animal’s natural habitats has seen the decrease of population of these animals and some being extinct. Destruction of wildlife habitats despite the world uproar for the people doing so to stop. Mining activities have also been found to affect volcanic activities, which pose a threat to the safety of humans leaving the areas. In the name of science, many people have been hit negatively especially destructive science inventions lands in wrong hands.

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