School Captain Speech (Sample)

Speech for school captain

To the principal, teachers and fellow students, good morning. Thank you for this opportunity to address the school and bring to your attention some few things I have noted. But before then, I want to thank you for your cooperation and teamwork and brotherly spirit you have accorded my team in the last week. It was a smooth, which allowed each one of us to focus on our academic excellence without mishap, and for that I am grateful. Am looking forward to having a similar week ahead, especially regarding discipline.

However, I want to bring the following issues to your concern. Littering in and about the compound is not only irresponsible of yourself, but also a crime against nature. We have borrowed our environment from future generations, and we have to preserve it for them. Therefore, for those who have been irresponsible with their waste kindly refrain from discarding it irresponsibly. Let us all work together to have a clean compound by being responsible for our waste. Having a clean compound won’t hurt, therefore, ensure you drop off your litter in its rightful places to improve the cleanliness standards of our institution.

Secondly, this coming week we expect to host several schools for literature symposium. We also have a football match scheduled next week on Friday. We expect each one of us to cooperate and display the best of ourselves to the visitors. We care about the image of our school, and we need to preserve it. For the football match, we need to maintain modesty and orderliness as we cheer our teams. Whichever team wins, the victory is ours and we need to support our players by cheering them.

Thirdly, the environmental club has requested everyone to join them in doing several community-based projects they have planned for. You can register with them and be part of our ambassadors of peace, who have decided to be part of a revolutionary movement aimed at improving the community around our school. The details of their projects will be communicated by the leadership of the group later. I urge you to join them and play a part in shaping the tomorrow we want by joining hands to leave a positive impact in our society.

Lastly, am expecting great cooperation from each one of us as we commence the week. For the upcoming football match, I wish both teams the best. Ensure you abide by the school policies promptly to stay away from trouble. Finally, I wish you a happy, peaceful and fruitful week. Thank you for listening.

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