Scary Night (Essay Sample)

Scary night

It was the last Friday of the summer break last year and we had visited our uncle. His house is across the ridge roughly six miles away. We had just finished taking our supper and my big sister suggested that we go home. It was late in the evening the weather was windy and we thought it would be better if we got home before the weather worsened. We bid the other family members goodbye and we hoped into my dad’s truck. My sister had just got her license and she wasn’t very confident on the road so she drove slowly. The truck was old and uncomfortable but we trusted it will get us home. We were in best of moods as we headed home discussing how the summer break seemed to have flashed fast and we were to go back to school.

Suddenly, we hit something which broke one of our headlights. My sister panicked and swerved the truck to the left. She hit a roadside signpost and the engine went off. We stay silently in the car for a couple of minutes before any of us said a single word. Shortly, she gathered courage and began searching for where she had kept her phone. She intended to use the phone as a flashlight to ascertain the damage or call for help. She alighted and I followed her to check beneath the hood. We were scared but we had to stay strong for ourselves. We kept flashing through the forest to see if any danger lurked beyond in the dark. She got back in the car and started the engine. Luckily, the engine started but the car couldn’t move. It had started drizzling and since the car was stuck on the grass. Additionally, we had a flat front tire.

We decided to change the tire before the rain came pouring and see if we can get the truck back on the tarmac. All this while we were using the phone as the flashlight. The battery drained and the phone went off. We remained calm though frightened and continued doing that in the dark. It started raining and we hopped back into the car to shelter. We had not fastened the tire enough but we decided to continue when the rains abated. We huddled in the car hoping that another car would pass by. We could not call as the only phone we had had died while we attempted changing the tire.  Suddenly, a lightning flashed.

We saw a dark image standing in front of our car. It was a tall dark masculine figure that was unrecognizable. We both screamed as my sister tried to start the car. The car started but it could not move since it lacked traction to make it move uphill. The headlights shone on the man who stood there undeterred. He noticed that our car couldn’t move and he started walking towards us. He held a baseball bat in his hand. We both started unlocking our doors to escape. The driver door failed to unlock and my sister crawled through the passenger door. We started running going back to the bridge towards my uncle’s house. We could hear his footsteps as we ran to calling for help.

Suddenly, we saw a car speeding downhill. It was our uncle who had called home and was informed we had not yet got home and my sister’s phone was off. He drove to our home to see if we had run into a problem when he saw both of us on the road. We narrated to him our ordeal and he drove us home and arranged for the truck to be towed to the garage. Later, we were informed we had hit a dog belonging to a madman who stayed in the woods and it had gone to him limping before dying shortly after. He had come to for revenge.

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