Say No To Drugs (Essay Sample)

No To Drugs

Drugs are chemicals which affect the neurochemical balance in the brain which then affects how a person feels and acts. Drugs are generalized into two factions: one for medication and one for illegal use or what is commonly known as drug addiction.

Drugs have been used for many years, especially by those who deny the severity of the consequence upon consuming them, the curious teenagers wherein some, if not most, dwell on the satisfaction they get from them, starting a cycle of addiction, and bankruptcy, and there are some who desperately try to self-medicate themselves out of depression, low-self-esteem, stress, or any other negative emotion.

There are many reasons as to why you should say no to drugs, at least the illegal ones and this paper will stress some, if not most of them.

  • Although drugs give the body increased energy, it also leads to high blood pressure and rapid heart rate. After the sudden boost of energy, the person will then feel lethargic and this will give them the feeling of dependency that they need drugs in order to get that feeling of being energetic and being “happy”.
  • Drugs mess with the neurological function of the mind. Drugs can cause you to lose your capacity to remember, impairs your cognitive ability, and speak coherently. Drugs delay and lessen your sense of alertness and awareness. Drugs, if they mess with your cognitive ability, will cause you to act in a strange and usually violent way.
  • Drugs mess with finances. Let us face it, drugs are not cheap. Drugs as explained earlier affect your cognitive ability and overall health which in turn makes it harder for you to earn money. In essence, buying drugs is like paying a killer to ultimately destroy you, your body, and your wallet.
  • Drugs mess with the body. Generally speaking, drug abuse can lead to an overdose which can kill someone. Drugs are after all, toxic to the body.
  • Drugs mess with ambition. Drug addicts literally lose sights of their goals and aspirations and instead would prefer having an immediate supply of what can give them satisfaction, regardless they be temporary or cause permanent damage. All humane considerations for any act in the achievement of their ambitions are gone along with the appearance and the permanence of drug addiction unless they cater to their actual needs and rehabilitate themselves in order to once more, set sight on what they should be accomplishing.
  • Drugs mess with travel plans. Logically speaking, airports will definitely not allow you to travel nor do other modes of transportation should they see you not fit in riding their vehicles. You will generally lose your very right to go out on an adventure should you be found guilty of having the intake of drugs.
  • Drugs ruin lives. It is no mystery that drugs and their regular intake will eventually ruin one’s life. From simple curiosity to addiction, the intake of drugs not only ruin your future, but ruin your relationship with the people you love, inherently gives you the idea that your entire life revolves around the drug(s) you take, and leads you to commit federal crimes.

In essence, drugs ultimately ruin everything a person treasures, be it his dreams, his aspirations, his plans, his relationships, his society, his finances, his body, and his mind. Drugs makes one lose his willingness to strive and his competency in order to have a better future. If you are not willing to throw away your life in these manners, then say no to drugs and anything that will ruin life.

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