Save Water Save Earth (Speech Sample)

Save water save earth

Health and economic benefits of clean water supply cannot be underestimated. Water is essential for maintaining a healthy environment as well as economic development. However, a rapid increase in population and economic development intensifies the demand for clean and fresh water. The groundwater is mainly used for agricultural development. Meanwhile, surface water is beneficial for human consumption. Increased utilization and demand for water has exerted unnecessary tension and stress on this limited resource. Water masses occupy a large surface of the earth. This paper will, therefore, explores the importance of saving and protecting water resource to save the earth.

Water essentially covers over seventy-five percent of the earth surface. Water is the largest natural precious resource after soil. The resource is under human care and surveillance.  However, water contamination has been among the serious chronic issues in the world. Poor sewage disposal and emission of toxic chemicals have compromised fresh water supply. Despite the rampant increase in contamination of water, every creature on the planet requires clean and fresh water for survival. The need for water is not by choice but nature. Animals, plants and other living creatures voluntarily require water for various metabolic functions. Water is commonly found in liquid form though it could also be in solid and vapor state. Water scarcity is often experienced when there is restricted access to this precious resource. Water insecurity often results from wasteful utilization. Countries like India have chronic water insecurity. In such places, women are forced to incur additional expenses to get access to water for domestic purposes.

Based on the profound health importance of water to human lives, the conversation of this precious resource is primary in saving lives. Understanding different approaches to deal with water scarcity are significant. Most importantly, there is immediate and prompt need to institute strategies aiming at harvesting rainwater for domestic and industrial use. Harvesting of rainwater can be done through the construction of dams and water tanks. Proper collection of rainwater helps to prevent sporadic soil erosion and destruction of properties by floods. However, poor design of rainwater collection could be detrimental since it may contribute to the loss of soil fertility through the removal of top soil cover and living microorganism. Prolonged flooding may contribute to other social problems like migration and security insecurity. Indeed saving of water translates to saving the earth.

Enforcement of policies aimed at promoting forestation and other vegetation cover is essential in mitigating the loss of water through scorching sun rays. Forest and thick vegetation covers are good water catchment areas. They help to create a microclimate which contributes improved rainfall patterns. Similarly, forest buffers and protect the environment from greenhouse effects. It, therefore, reduces global warming which contributes to water scarcity and food insecurity. Global warming may also contribute to skin cancer through direct sun rays effects. Proper vegetation cover reduces surface water runoff thus recharging groundwater level. Campaigns aimed at conserving water catchment bodies should be promoted to ensure the earth is saved. Destruction of water catchment areas destroys the earth.

In conclusion, through surveillance and proper migratory measures water resources can be protected to serve future generation. The measures will increase the availability of water for domestic uses and agricultural purposes. The practice of saving water should start through proper utilization of every drop on the earth’s surface. This will help to improve soil cover through the planting of vegetation cover. The green environment helps to promote fresh air circulation and buffers greenhouse effects. In regards to this, saving the water helps in the protecting human health thus saving the earth.

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