Save Paper (Essay Sample)

Paper is one of the most used material by consumers regardless of the development and increase in technology involving electronic methods of communication and working. One fact that people are not aware of is that to produce a tonne of paper requires more than twenty full grown trees. In addition, it requires a lot of energy hence many barrels of oil, a large amount of electricity and water to produce a single tonne of paper. To save all these important components of the planet and support its sustainability, there is a high demand to save paper use. There are various ways people can employ to accomplish the need to save paper.

Most paper is wasted in office and writing work. Some tips which can save paper wasted in office and writing include printing on both sides of the paper and adopting more of electronic transmission of documents rather than hard copies. One can ensure always printing on both sides of paper by setting the default on the printer to be double-sided. Printed memos should also be discouraged in all institutions. Some institutions are notorious of printing many memos with very few lines communicating a message which can otherwise be sent electronically. Besides, scrap paper can be a good alternative in cases of printing unofficial work.

In addition, students should develop traits of reusing notebooks until they are filled up and also practice saving of empty pages. Most students throw away their notebooks at the end of each academic year or semester regardless of whether they are filled up or empty. They can save paper by tearing away the empty pages and binding them together creating new notebooks for future use.

One can donate old magazines to relevant places for instance reception and waiting rooms in hospitals, nursing homes and shelters for families where old people look for anything that can entertain them. Besides, kindergartens require magazines for purposes of craft exercises and even library stocks. Other areas in need of paper donation are pet shelters in the locality. Pet shelters require papers since they do not hurt animals. Donating magazines and newspapers is an alternative approach to reducing their increased production and hence saving paper.

In addition, one can save paper by wrapping gifts in a creative manner to avoid wastage. This can involve the use of old newspapers on the inside and then cover with more attractive paper on the outside. Another creative way is to use cloth wrappers which are the best alternative to paper. These methods ensure that old papers are reused and a very minimum amount of new papers required. The use of alternatives other than papers has a direct impact on reducing paper production.

The banks can assist in saving paper by sending statements via email rather than hard copies. Clients can also request for emails or visit the websites of their respective companies. Some banks are very conscious about the environment and are promoting best practices of saving paper hence others can emulate the trend.

Our homes can assist in saving paper by adopting reusable napkins rather than the paper towels. Domestic chores are among the areas where papers are mostly wasted. Adopting of reusable napkins and other paper commodities will result in saving of money which can be used for other important activities.

Newspaper companies can save paper by reducing the distribution of free newspapers and leaflets. The information contained in these free papers can simply be added to the main newspapers. People can help by making phone calls to the respective companies and having polite notices on their doors discouraging circulation of free newspapers.

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