Safety Patrol (Essay Sample)

Safety Patrol

A safety patrol officer (SPO) program is one of the most important ways in which an individual can learn to further his responsibility in ensuring the safety of self and others. Safety patrol takes into consideration the safety of everyone and ensures that the area and general environment is safe. Any obstacles that could be hazardous to other people are removed to ensure that public safety is upheld.

Some years ago, I was tasked with being an SPO for an Academy. I worked under a lady known as Ms. White who directed the Safety Patrol Program. I first underwent training and had to be in school three days each week: Monday, Thursday, and Friday. It was a community service that was to take me two hours or 120 minutes in total. On the three aforementioned days, I had to be in school by 7:45 a. m, go to the SPO program director and sign. After getting dressed in my official wear, I had to be at my post by 7:50 a.m. I carried out my shift until 8:15 a.m.

As an SPO, my task entailed helping the other students at the crosswalk. I was tasked with watching the cross guard’s signal to give the pedestrians the go-ahead to cross. I often used my arms to signal to pedestrians at the crosswalk to cross when it was safe to do so. Whenever it was not safe to cross, I would often spread my feet apart and my arms would, not be raised, but be at my sides. In most cases, the pedestrians would rely on me during such times to determine when it was safe to cross. Others would, of course, insist that they are getting late for their activities. However, I was determined to ensure everyone went by the directions that I gave. Mrs. White was impressed to note that the crosswalk was well manned. Whenever I was in doubt of anything, I would often approach her and get the necessary advice and help. At 8:15 a. m, I would be through with the SPO program and I would return to my usual school activities. Children were my main concern as I knew they could be easily knocked down on crosswalks. Occasionally, I would receive “thank you” comments from passengers. At other times, smiles from crosswalk users would make my day brighter. I learned that societal safety begins with each individual person’s safety.

By the time I completed the 120 minutes of community service, I had learned a lot. I gained leadership skills, as I learned how to direct people and keep them safe from potential harm. During the 25 minutes when I would direct pedestrians, they relied on my guidance to cross or wait. I also gained knowledge in that I did precisely what was necessary and made key decisions when I had to. I got to understand the rhythm that guides the movement of people, and I was compelled to use good judgment always. I became even more disciplined, as I had to be at the school early, pass through Ms. White’s office, sign, and head to the crosswalk before 7:50 a.m. To this day, I maintain the discipline as I have to wake up early and start my day’s plans.

In conclusion, safety patrol program is a crucial element that empowers youth to become responsible individuals as it requires them to care for not just their own safety but that of others as well. In my case, I learned a lot during safety patrol community service, and I appreciate the role of SPO in the safety and well-being of various community members.

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