Role Of Women In Corporate World (Essay Sample)

Role of Women in Corporate World

Before civilization came in and women were given equal opportunities as men, women were viewed as people who belonged to the kitchen and taking care of kids. Indeed, the notion was widespread and in almost every culture of the world, women were seen as lesser beings as compared to men. The role of women was to cook for the family, give birth and take care of kids. However, in the recent times, things have changed and taken a new turn. Women have assumed leadership positions; they now work in organizations and do all that men can do. It is no doubt that women can do more what men do even better. With their entrant into the corporate world, women have assumed several roles.

The first role of women in the corporate world is that they bring about gender equality. With the passes into law of bills that recognize women as equal partners in society, many countries and indeed states struggle to fulfill this constitutional mandate. It has been the norm that in virtually every organization or company, men will be the dominant gender. The more women are employed and join the corporate world, the better for the institutions in recognizing this important part of the constitution. Filling this gap has not been easy to the extent that most institutions advertise positions but encourage women to apply for them so that they can fulfill the gender equality balance.

Another role of women in the corporate world is that they have better relationship building skills as compared to their male counterparts. It is a known fact that women relate better at the workplace especially in leadership position. As a result, they build stronger relationships between clients and the organization or even between shareholders. The strong relationship between parties in organization is encouraged as it translates into a positive growth of the company. The good relationship is not just appreciated in as far as a healthy environment is concerned, but also in reducing conflicts that might pull operations backwards. Another role of women in the corporate world is that it leads to a healthy economy. There is a balance that is created when women take on leadership positions in an organization. The distribution of wealth and money is not just unilateral, but it favors both genders. When such a balance exists, a healthy economy is created. Therefore, rather than men having more income than women on overall basis, both gender represented will have an income that creates a balance. It can even be translated further since women expenditure relating to work and personal effects is greatly different from men expenditures.

A fourth role of women in corporate world is that they enhance better communications. Women are known to be good in communication. As such, with their inclusion into the corporate world, it is almost certain that communication between parties will be enhanced a great deal. Goods communication skills are known to create harmony in an organization both externally and internally. With poor communication, productivity will go down owing to late or poor submission of instruction. However, women have come in and shown that they can fill that gap perfectly well. Women can engage several investors, business partners as well as shareholders with benefit in a bid to expand the business. Women are also instrumental in marketing which translates to more sales, hence profits for the organization.

The role of women in the corporate world is also to ensure that men become better parents. It has been the tradition of many that parenting is left for the mothers at home. This notion has actually made men to forget about their roles as parents as they come late in the night and leave very early even before the kids wake up. With women getting into the corporate world, men have been forced to look back and work on being better parents as they have the responsibility of taking care of the kids when the mother is away on official duties.

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