Role Of Students In Removing Illiteracy (Essay Sample)

Role of Students in Removing Illiteracy

Students have so much potential in the society because they are still at the point of being honed in order to be more efficient members in the society. Through students, many milestones can be achieved; both short term and long term ones. In light of this, it is easy to see that students may also have the role in removing illiteracy in the society.

Illiteracy is a very pressing and urgent issue in the society. Different educational systems aim to remove illiteracy in order to improve the way of life of people. Illiterate people are usually not treated as competent members of the society especially when it comes to employment. People who come from the poverty line usually do not have the means to access education. Of course, this will not give them a better life. Rather, it would only anchor them to a very unfavorable state of life.

Students, since they are already in an educational setting, can be instruments in providing literacy programs. Some schools require a course on community service wherein students can choose what kind of program they want to offer, this includes literacy programs. Students will provide literacy lessons to those in need for school credit. This may seem superficial but this is actually a great start in finding ways to remove illiteracy in the society. Students can use their academic experience within the classroom in doing literacy programs. Through this, they will also be introduced to the real implications of illiteracy and how it affects an individual’s functionality in the society. This literacy programs would also help build empathy among students so that they themselves would understand how they can be of use in removing literacy in the society

Literacy is a gateway in being more competent members of the society. Imagining the situation of people who are illiterate is hard, especially for students. Students are lucky enough that they are in school. In interacting with illiteracy, as a material condition, students would be able to see the juxtaposition present between both parties. Through this, they would further understand the value of literacy because they are able to see how people live without it.

It is very commendable that academic institutions themselves do something in maximizing the potential of students in removing literacy in the society. Through this, there might actually a significant change in the statistics of illiteracy in the society. Aside from this, there should always be a constant effort from the academe, as a general institution, in voluntarily making efforts in removing illiteracy in the society even if it comes without any exchange. Educators should pave the way for students in also becoming educators in their own way, even by just contributing a little in curing the world of illiteracy.

Students themselves are already the result of removing illiteracy in the society. As long as there are still students who are willing to learn and be educated in order to be competent members of the society, the essence of literacy and education as a whole would remain ever so valuable in the society. These students can also serve as role models and instruments in bringing about more action in the development of better educational systems that would be accessible to all. Students are important because they prove that education truly matters in the society. What is needed is for students to be more committed and more understanding with regards to how education should be all-inclusive. They themselves must be willing to believe that they are the lucky ones who are able to experience schooling. It is now up to these students to prove to everyone else that everyone deserves what they are experiencing in the academe.

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