Role Of Media In Nation Building (Essay Sample)

Role Of Media In Nation Building

The influence and power of media was best proven in the recent United States elections. Donald Trump won the hearts of the many Americans because of his campaign tagline: “Make America great Again.”

Media plays an essential role in nation building. Media is the collective means to communicate. It consists of the television, print and radio – most powerful now is the social media.

United States of America is one of the developed countries in the world. In fact, it a member of the Group of 8 (G8) Industrialized Nations. However, when the 9/11 attack happened there was a change in the perspective to the power of the United States. Its power seemed to be mocked by terrorism. When Donald Trump ran for the election, his main electoral campaign is to bring back America to its perceived power by changing immigration laws and its uncompromising stand against terrorism.

Donald Trump’s campaign was resounding in every medium there is – television, print and most especially social media. First, Donald Trump was a mainstay in the television throughout history. He was part of some television show. Through this the audience knew very well who is Donald Trump. The newspaper was did not like Trump on the other hand. The prints were backing up Clinton instead. It was in the social media where Trump won the hearts of the many.

His vulgarity and harshness made him controversial. Donald Trump was not the same intellectually vocal person. This opened the doors to criticism and comparison to Hillary Clinton.

The controversies that surrounded the campaign of Donald Trump because the topics in every news, posts and comments of the social media users – not only to the Americans but also the whole world.

The role of the media does not however stop there. The presidential candidates used their own social media accounts to voice out their thoughts to the people. It was an easy form of communication and even a direct interaction with everyone. There are also media personalities who helped in the campaign of the presidential candidates. These are the Hollywood celebrities, politicians and the social media personalities. All of them were part of the campaign – especially through social media. Through this, the people were able to engage with the important details, analysis and even support to their respective candidates. From one topic to another, every voter was able to participate in the campaign of each presidential candidate.

“Make America great again,” resounded to the ears of every person who learned about it. It meant putting back America to its perceived power against everybody in the world and against terrorism which was lost in the 9/11. It was in every medium – news television, prints, and social media. Americans hoped and believed in this, as proven by the number of votes that Donald Trump won Hillary Clinton.

Media played an essential role in the nation building. Trump has long used media to his advantage – as I have said he has been in part of television shows in America. Trump is now using the social media to his advantage. His Twitter account now has 3.5 million followers. His Tweets can be read by more than the number of his followers due to the retweeting. Trump’s winning the elections is the proof that media is playing an essential role in nation building. In this case, making America great again.

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