Role Of Genetics In Investigating Crimes (Essay Sample)

Role Of Genetics In Investigating Crimes

In the fast growing society we live in, it is true that we have increase our security but it doesn’t humans on committing crimes like theft, robbery and even worse murder and alike. When crimes like these occurred to our society in the past thirty or forty years ago, there might be a difficulty especially on finding out the real culprit. Human errors are part of our craft but it is important to minimize that, most importantly because it deals with our justice system and lives depends on it. That is why a branch of science that focuses on genetics have played its vital role on forensics as it can help on investigating many details involved in the crime scene.

During the early 18th century to 19th century, a lot of crime fighting methods and techniques have been developed in order to make a precise and just fact finding process, in which in return, will make judgements be just and persecute the ones who are the real culprit. Investigators, police, judge and witnesses are already part of our fair and just prosecuting system but the question of reliability of sources have been asked from time to time.  The idea of Sherlock is far away from the reality, because while it is important to have an incredible critical thinking and deduction the real point is to find a solid evidence or proof to pin point important details such as who did the crime, what did he or she used as weapon and other details that are required in our justice system. That is I think the role of genetic field enters in the scene of crime fighting.

The idea of having genetics in the process of solving cases have a wide range of purpose, one is that through genetics it can pinpoint a person, either the victim or the suspect, in terms of residue left in the scene like of hair, saliva, blood and other things that comes naturally on human bodies. It has been said that human have different DNA and this is the lead of genetics on pointing out who among us is the culprit, but in case DNA pattern shows resemblance to other people RNA is also take into consideration. Another thing that genetics can do is prove the time of death of the person. Understanding the time of death of the person can improve or disapprove the alibis given by the suspect. On another chances, genetics can pin point the way the person died, like if the person died by poisoning or toxic chemicals, by physical trauma or by natural death. Also, genetics helped on telling the place the person died if there are some evidence left intact in the bodies. Basically, genetics have improved the crime fighting methods in most of its aspects.

There have been occasion in our history, there have been people who went to jail because of wrong judgement and lack of strong defence that sooner were cleared of their cases because of appearance of genetics. Thus, it prisons those who individuals who should be guilty a few years ago. In general idea, the field of science, most especially, the Genetics field have equipped the police and crime laboratory an essential benefit because it provided them additional learning in order to understand and pinpoint the most crucial parts on investigating, such as identifying the victims and the real perpetrator , the ways the suspect killed or hurt the victim, and understanding details like the place where the crime happened, the time it started and the time of death, it can also help identify the person involved in the crime which are accessory to the execution crimes. Through genetics, a lot of people whom are imprison have given justice and cases that are decade old or so have been solved thanks to the power of genetics.

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