Role Of Courts In Criminal Justice Today (Essay Sample)


The world we live in is full of beautiful sceneries, people and culture but it is also a fact that negative things happen. People get murdered and killed. Robberies, kidnappings and theft occur and the legal system is already being clogged with so much criminal and civil cases left and right. The legal field is necessary to bring peace, order and justice in the society. Lawyers work hand in hand with the law enforcement or the military and police. There is so much need for strong discipline, penalties and remedies to either stop or prevent the loss of innocent lives and the commission of murder. As the world advances globally, so does crime and wickedness that’s why men and women are being trained in the legal field and the police force to put an end to illegal acts. The Courts are definitely necessary for the criminal justice in the past, present and in preparation for the future. There is a process from the moment a crime is committed, to the locking up of a criminal behind bars and the long process of fighting in the criminal courts, presenting evidences and proofs that will either prove the innocence or the guilt of the criminal offender. As the police and military go through training school, lawyers, Judges and paralegals also go through law school to study the law and master the provisions of the statutes and constitution of a particular country. There is a necessity to be excellent in the rule of law because just like doctors and nurses, the legal field could also either lead to life or death. It is the life, reputation and honor that is being fought for and when an innocent man is incarcerated then there is something wrong with the Justice system. This system started out from the Americans and British but if you study deeper, it goes beyond this as written in the Bible where Justice is given by the Almighty God.

The Importance of Justice

People are inclined to justice, fairness and fair play. When people suffer unfairness, the desire to fight for Justice is within the hearts of people. This is the very character of human beings. However, not everyone has a pure and good heart because there are people who do not care if other people are hurt for as long as they get what they want and get it whether through evil and wrong means and methods. In the absence of the criminal justice there will be total chaos and disorder. Most likely crime will be at an all-time high in the absence of police officers and lawyers who keep our streets safe. The lawyers study hundreds of books and memorize laws so that they will be educated and knowledgeable of the truth and how the laws operate. While the military and police are the strong hands that lock up the criminals and send them to court. The Justice System has been working for hundreds of years in this earth and its purpose is to maintain peace and destroy all forms of evil and wickedness. There is an end to everything, death will come to each and everyone of us and when that time comes, the greatest Judge and Deliverer is God. Criminals might evade the Justice system here on Earth but nobody could escape the wrath and anger of God who hears the cries of the innocent people who have been slain. People in the legal field must work harder and excellently to save more lives and guard the streets from harm.

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