Role Of Children In Development Of Society (Essay Sample)

Role Of Children In Development Of Society

The children play a big role in the development of a society because they are the future. When these children grow up, they are the people who will continue what the adults contributed; they may improve, create and teach the next generations on how to take care of the society. There is a big chance that these children, when molded rightly by the adults will also pass on the teachings to the next generation.

However, the adults have forgotten this; there are people who mistreat children by psychologically and physically. The growth of the society is dependent on the growth of the children. If they are not given importance, it is basically not giving importance to the development of the society. When children are abused, it affects their development as an upright adult in the society.

Children that are abused cause trauma that would affect the mental and physical development. The trauma may affect the mood of the child that will hinder him/her to socialize with people, especially with other children. They tend to be over clingy to their mothers or guardians because of the fear that the trauma cause them. And being a normal child playing with other children is very important because that develops their social skills. Other than that, the child will have recurrent events in their memory that will make them numb to emotions, others, too emotional that lead to the suicide attempts of some. There are children who will experience more headaches and stomach aches because of their traumatic experiences. Physically will hinder them also to develop their skills because of the brain will not develop like the average children. These children will have a difficulty in paying attention that will hamper their learning. As a consequence, we lose the chance that the child will contribute to the development of the society.

These does not only include direct abuse towards children. There are also children who are exposed to environment that will affect their development; that is, by witnessing abuse. Commonly these are the children who are living below poverty line. Due to the lack of education of the parents – who may be abused also during their childhood – are living in an environment of hostile and violence. These are bare to the eyes of the children in that kind of environment. Because of this, they will also experience psychological and physical problems; hindering the development and growth.

Abuse inflicted upon the children may be cured by giving them proper care thereafter. However, not all cure may be effective to these children because of their genetic makeup. There are some who grow up mentally disturbed. Prevention to these abuses is the best cure to help children.

Children who are not given the chance to develop and grow for our society loses their chances also to contribute. These abused children may be the children who can solve problems that we encounter now; probably discover and invent for our society. Further, they may instead also do harm to our society because they lack good values and knowledge to provide for the next generation. This will create a domino effect for the next generations.

Nonetheless, there are people who continue to help children grow in a better place to become role models for the next generations. For us to be able to help our society, we should first invest to the development, growth and learning of our children.

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