Role Of Chemistry In Domestic Activities (Essay Sample)

Role of chemistry in domestic activities

A large percentage of what is in the world today is as a result of chemical reactions.  Chemistry helps understand the structure, composition, and changes in matter. Chemical reactions are used in both homes and companies. In homes, chemicals are used in laundry, food processing, and food preservation. Chemistry helps in choosing what chemically is best for each activity in homes.

In cooking at home, chemistry explains that some foods will be soft and edible once cooked. The change in the food structure during the cooking process results into what an individual can consume with ease. For example, meat in its raw form is cumbersome to consume but once cooked, it becomes pleasant to the eye and also the mouth.  The food cooked sometimes rot, the rotting can be chemically explained and a precaution taken.  Other chemicals like salt can be used as a food preservative in home cooking. Chemistry explains how chemicals enhance the freshness of both cooked and uncooked food. Once the cooked food is consumed, it gets used up by the body. How the food is utilized in the body is explained by chemistry. Chemistry also explains the importance of eating a variety of food, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins, to avoid malnutrition problems in humans. In cooking, chemistry also explains how different ingredients can be used to produce different desirable flavors. Apart from the kitchen, some foods can require baking; all these are chemical reactions and chemistry explains all the conditions and process for baking.

Cleaning is one of the major domestic activities.  Cleaning involves cleaning of the body, utensils, floors, cars, etc. Chemistry helps in determining what is best for all the cleaning activities. In cleaning there are both solid soaps and detergents, detergents can be inform of powder or liquids. The solid soaps mostly used for bathing are of different types and depending on individuals desire of smell they will choose what best suits them. Mostly the dishes are greasy; chemistry explains the best detergent that will help whoever is washing save time and use minimum effort. In choosing the best detergent for each type of washing, we know that chemistry is our partner in home activities. Occasionally, some clothes get stained with stubborn stain; these stains might require bleaching agent. Chemistry explains how the bleaching agent acts on the stain to attain best results. The bleaching agents can also be used in getting rid of unwanted colors from clothes. Toilets contain a lot of harmful bacteria; chemistry helps in choosing the best detergent to kill the bacteria efficiently. Chemistry explains how the chemicals in detergents react with bacteria.

At homes people do farming. Farmers require fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides to get healthy produce. Chemistry helps farmers determine what type of fertilizer to use depending on the kind of soil and availability of water. Some soils are acidic, and others basic, only chemistry can save a farmer in deciding what fertilizer to use on the farm. Chemistry explains how the herbicides eradicate weeds and insecticide fight harmful insects.

At home, chemistry helps in choosing non pollutant products for use. For example, people mostly use plastic bags at home, which are a major environmental pollutant. By use of chemistry, the public can be sensitized on biodegradable products to help curb pollution.

In general, chemistry is essential for human survival at homes. Chemistry is a major component in cleaning, farming, nutrition, and cooking. In avoidind problems of malnutrition, chemistry experts need to be consulted. Manufacturing industries need to take chemistry into consideration to avoid production of non-biodegradable products. Farmers in using the farming chemicals need to use safer products to prevent environmental pollutions.

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