Role Of Business In Environmental Protection (Essay Sample)

From snail mail to email, from telegraph to chat, from horse riding to horse-powered automobile are just one of the hundreds, if not, thousands of improvement we have experience since the famous industrial revolution of our history. These improvements are being brought to us due to great importance on increasing the human’s productivity in which it I develops the stability of the economy giving birth to many industries and business. But along to these changes, experts observe a radical impact towards our nature that year after year a portion of our land, water and air is being damaged that would be sooner or later a big threat to humanity. In prevention to possible threat that the world may experience, governments around the world along with private sectors have established different program, in hope of answering the dangerous possibilities that may arise.

One of the programs being pointed out is the role of business in environmental protection. Business in general, without a doubt, have a great correlation towards the environment. Since most of its raw material are provided on the nature as well as its dispose of its waste is being placed in the environment and so the business sector have to follow guidelines and set of rules in order to keep a balanced society and environment. On its roles on protecting our environmental first, it must follow the mandated law by the government before it proceeds on its construction of its site. Some type of business like chemical related ones should be away from residential areas, in some occasions some business must have a good distance towards bodies of water and other restrictions that should be strictly observed. Next, is the process done in their place either a huge plant, or small food store, it must still follow the regulation regarding the proper way of process. Example of this are the processes involved in food industries, it must observe the proper dress code (involving gloves, masks, hair net and others), also the surrounding must be clean and even its tool. The point of observing cleanliness in the work site is that when the work site gets dirty there can be improper waste management that would end up to improper waste disposal in the environment which causes the chain of effect that sooner affects the lives of the animals, tress and even human. Another point to consider on role of business on protecting the environment is having limits on what kind of raw material they could get in the environment. As we all know, there have been a lot of animals that extinct due to human’s act and so in order to control the population of animals, especially the endangered ones, the business sector must abide that they cannot purse on animals and other materials that are protected by the government.

To add more on the role of business towards protecting the environment is on when they could get their raw material. Some business are only being allowed to gather their raw material on selected season, like hunting seasons in order to provide balance in the nature in which it can secure the stability of the population of the source of raw material and will not deplete in any time soon. Plus, the business sector have the so-called CSR activity that involves the tree planting activities, cleaning of beachside and other dirty place, and others. This kind of activity is being promoted to show the direct response of the business sector on how to resolve the issues of our environment.

These are just some of the role of business that they should act and duly observe because this would ensure the longevity of our environment. Moreover, these deeds are important to animals and plants, as they are what makes mostly of our raw materials, not just them but also to the comfort of the next generation because the threat of global warming have been seriously detect on many regions of the globe like the melting of the polar ice caps and the increase of carbon dioxide that results on many airborne disease as well as the increase in the temperature on many cities.

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