Role Of Advertising In Tourism (Essay Sample)


In the tourism industry, advertising is one of the most important procedures that a community or a company must have to generate. The purpose is to generate tourists from both local and international marketplaces on a regular basis. This is to promote the scenery and culture of the community to the potential target markets so that they can have an idea on what it is like to be in that particular community. Tourism is a sector of a community’s local government unit, which is responsible for promoting the natural resources, heritage, urban sceneries, cultures, and manmade structures that benefit every visitor to try and experience the area. Tourists will have the chance to discover the hidden gems that the place has to offer.

The role of advertising in tourism increases the familiarity of the locality to tourists who are planning to organize a personalized leisure or business trip. The power of advertising provides basic facts about the tourism industry that can be offered by a certain community. This is in terms of their newly discovered natural resources that are safe and enjoyable to visit for several days. Advertisement transforms curiosity into an interest made by the potential tourists who will be visiting the area to spend leisure time with their family and friends. As a result, there will be an increase in tourism arrivals to the targeted locality where tourists can visit and explore for a certain period of time. The role of tourists enhances the tourism potential of the community to become competitive, driving an economic growth that generates new jobs for the residents and tourists who wants to stay longer in the community.

Advertisement allows tourists to share their insights regarding their recent trip to the community of interests that have been promoted to both international and local areas. Testimonials provided by the tourists indicate their overall experience while visiting the area with their friends or loved ones. In terms of safety, tourists can confirm the present safety situation in the area such as the traffic, criminal elements, and the honesty of the community. If tourists defend the safety of the local community, this means that there is an optimistic tourism industry in the area to prove that both local and foreigners need not to worry about their safety when visiting the area. Advertisement boosts the economy of the community of interest because small and medium enterprises begin to establish their facilities in the area to generate income and attract new jobs for the locals.

If the advertisement becomes more robust to various international countries, large business conglomerates will soon establish their facilities to the community. Large corporations will begin to engage partnerships with the local government units to build new infrastructures and facilities. Examples are airports, bridges, trains, ports, and land transportation terminals. Hospitality industry will start to develop, which further boosts the tourism that benefits various local and international advertising agencies in the area. Logistics, hospitality, and beauty industries start to develop within the area, which gains more tourists that turn into clients to explore and enjoy the amenities that the community has to offer. There will be numerous events across the community such as concerts, sports activities, international events, entertainment shows, festivals, and international competitions that further intensify economic sustainability in the area for several years (Bigat, 2012).


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