Role Model Mother Teresa (Essay Sample)

Role model mother Teresa

Many people find comfort in helping those in need. However, Mother Teresa is one of the exceptional people who inspired the whole world. She is my role model because her exemplary work, she was caring, religious and led a selfless life. She inspired and motivated me through her charity work. Mother Teresa was in born Yugoslavia as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in 1910. She dedicated her life helping the less fortunate all over the world.  She is an example of a few individuals who inspired the world by her small deeds. She put aside her desires and need to help others proving how one person can make a big difference in the world.

Mother Teresa lived in Macedonia, was involved in charity work at an early age, as a teenager she discovered her calling and joined the Irish Sisters of Loreto, she was named Teresa after Saint Therese of Lisieux. Mother Teresa’s work was felt all over the world because she was involved missionaries charity work establishing 450 centers all over the world reaching out to the needy and ill people. She assisted in establishing homes for people with terminal illness because she believed that people should die peacefully.

Mother Teresa established dispensaries, hospital, homes for unwanted children and school. Mother Teresa and her followers nursed the sick, taught street children gave shelter to the homeless and proclaimed the word of God. During her charitable missions, she traveled to many places from Ethiopia to Armenia to help those affected by the earthquake. Whenever there was the need, and she could help, Mother Teresa did it with her whole heart.  Mother Teresa died in September 1997 after contracting malaria and a chest infection.  She is remembered for receiving numerous awards for her great work. Some of the coveted prizes she received included the nobel peace prize, India’s Jawaharlal Nehru Award and the US Medal of Freedom. Mother Teresa is remembered for most of her noble deeds; she was dedicated and lived a selfless life. Her work will be remembered for many years because she was inspirational. Mother Teresa will be remembered for all her noble deeds.

Mother Teresa was referred to as the Angel of Mercy because she showed mercy to the people who were neglected.  She always was concerned about others more than she was.  There probably will not be another person like her, but through her, many people have been inspired and can live by her example by reaching out to everyone in need. I remember Mother Teresa once said that not everyone could do great things. However, we can start small by doing small deeds with passion. Mother Teresa loved everyone with passion and found good in every person she met. Mother Teresa was determined as she helped the poor; she saved many lives in his country India.

Mother Teresa had a beautiful heart and worked to eliminate the suffering of humanity and relieve the helpless from misery. She understood the pain of others. I have never seen someone dedicating her entire life serving the diseased, underprivileged and poor people. I am not surprised that many people came from all over the world to meet her and seek her blessings. Mother Teresa is the mother and a role model of the world. Looking back at what Mother Teresa did for others, I feel inspired and would want to volunteer my services during my free time. I admire her courage and her simple life I wish I could be compassionate and look at life positively each day. I hope that everyone can follow her example by helping the poor and needy in our community and throughout the world.

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