“Robin Hood” (Summary Essay Sample)

“Robin Hood” Summary

The legend of Robin Hood is a well-known tale; historian claims that the story is more of a mythical figure while others argue that Robin Hood truly existed. The English story of Robin Hood and his merry men is a captivating tale of the nineteenth century. Robin Hood‘s story gives readers a good impression about a noble person showing the experiences Robin Hood went through when he was a little boy. The readers understand how great he is and how he was helpful to his community. Robin Hood story is about a hero who faces many issues very early in his life, as his mother died making life unbearable. Robin could not live with love from another woman apart from his mother.

Robin left home for many years to come back and find that his father was murdered. He was shocked by the turn of events because the new leader of Nottingham was corrupt; people were suffering under the corrupt rule from the sheriff who was hungry and greedy. The lower members of this community were the most affected. Robin presented different traits by taking the wealth acquired by the greedy sheriff giving them to the poor community members.   Robin Hood planned to kill the sheriff and the kingdom. He is persistent and did not stop to achieve his goals that included giving back all the things his people had lost.

Robin Hood is presented as a charismatic person who believed he was doing the right thing and he attracted many followers. However, not everyone looked at him positively his brother felt that he had betrayed his people because many of them had been killed. Robin Hood‘s brother feels that he was doing everything to achieve his objective, but not to benefit the community. His brother felt that Robin Hood is selfish because he left the family because his father had replaced his mother who died. Even though his brother does not understand his intention that is to give back what is taken from them by the authorities, his brother finally understand his good intentions and helps him take down the corrupt regime.

One of Robin outstanding traits is he never feared his enemies, even in a situation where he was outnumbered. His courage is a great trait that gives the reader a good impression of a good leader, his calmness and his skills makes him a hero. Robin heroism is seen how he utilizes his skills to fight including archery that he learned, as a young boy seems to be valuable. However, Maid Marion viewed Robin as more as a spoiled child and never thought highly of him until they later knew him.

The story presents two sides of Robin as a child and as an adult who came back after several years o rescue his community.  After reading the story of Robin Hood, readers get the positive side of Robin. Robin uses his skills and traits for the betterment of the poor people of his community by fighting corruption. According to the story, he goes to Nottingham castle to fight the corrupt leadership. The author connects different scenes to highlight the theme of the story that is courage. The author presents details of his childhood and his life experiences making the story more interesting. Robin Hood good traits are easily seen throughout the story

Showing the different perspective and the changes Robin Hood went through since he was a little boy until the time he became an adult easily allows the reader to understand his noble characters. Robin Hood tales reminds us to fight for justice by helping the less privileged people in our community.

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