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Review of

Essay writing is hectic to most students today.  Some students complain of lack of enough time to do both reading and writing essays. Writing does not necessary mean only writing articles, but also term papers, dissertations, thesis and any other academic writing. The students’ need of doing the academic writings has prompted the creation of different writing sites. The writing sites have resulted in the academic writing industry with several competitors. Students have to choose from a broad range of the existing companies with the primary aim of getting quality work. Writemyessaystoday is one of the writing sites competing to satisfy the students. The competition starts with how the writing website is designed to the pricing.


The design of the site is satisfactory, from the name of the site, Writemyessaystoday, there is some urgency in doing students work. The name makes the students feel that their orders will be handled in the shortest time possible. The photos on the website of a laptop and book on the table give an impression of a busy academic site, a site concerned with academic quality. Also, the scroll on the web page confirms how the site is academically active. The appearance of the site with books, laptop and scrolls give students impression that the quality of work they will get is perfect and up to the required standards by their professors. This first impression before one gets into the details of Writemyessaystoday site is a competitive advantage in the writing industry.

The web page is not organized. The words ‘order now’ urging students to put their orders are appearing everywhere, from the top section of the site to the bottom part. These disorderly arrangements make students feel that the site is only concerned about their orders and nothing else. The site disarrangements make Writemyessaystoday writing appear as if they created the site to extort money from the students. The poor arrangements can not make this site have a competitive advantage over other writing sites.

The photos of individuals on the site are students’ photos. The pictures make the ordering students feel at home and confident of the site. The chat person’s cartoon appearing at the bottom right of the site is a young person’s animation. The cartoon makes students feel they are addressing their age mates and therefore will get engaged freely on the site.

The site appears congested with too many writings. Most students don’t like too much reading and are bound to lose valuable information on the site. Students will even decide to go to other writing sites to get the writing services they need. Too much writing on the web page doesn’t show quality or experience which students need.


Testimonials are an accurate reflection of what the site has done in the past. The testimonies can be used by students to judge the quality of work they will get from the site. Writing is about quality; it’s one of the ways students can show their academic fitness. From this site, testimonies are not taken seriously; the testimonial section is squeezed in a small corner for the sharp-eyed students to see. From where the testimonials are placed, I feel this writing site is interested in making profits and not the academic work, as I said before.

Payment methods

The cards showing the modes of payment are placed at the bottom of the table. Putting the mode of payment at the bottom is meant to confuse students who are not keen. After convincing people that the site is money oriented, they now try to appear that they don’t need the money. The need to make quick cash from students will only play against them, and they will lose to their competitors.

Support Team

The site’s support team is available 24-hours throughout the week. The group chats with students and provide the relevant services needed. Talking with students make the students appear as the boss in the whole business making the students feel respected. The students can also inquire the progress of their work. The students are involved from the time they submit their work to the day they receive their complete work. Students can also make suggestions on how they want their work done. This aspect of support team puts Writemyessaystoday site at the right position in competing in the writing industry.


There is no pricing on the site. The absence of prices on the site is a good gesture to the quality of academic writing students expect. The students don’t feel the pressure of payment before the work is done. The absence of pricing strategy can also be used as a marketing opportunity; once a student is on the site, the support team can convince them about their pricing policies. The appearance of a discount box on opening the site attracts students; the students feel they can get writing services at lower cost. The price cuts combined with the hidden prices can work well for Writemyessaystoday in the writing industry.

Social Media

There is no social media marketing activity on the site. As a growing writing site, they need the social media to capture the students. Social media will help them expand their customer base and be a big rival to other writing sites.

Contact Information

Contact information is available, and the students can reach the client’s care through their phones. Apart from phone calls, students can also chat with customer care at the bottom right of the page. The availability of phone number makes it easy for students to recommend the site to their friends.


Writemyessaystoday writing site is a good growing academic writing site, and only a few changes need be implemented to make it competitive. The order button must not appear everywhere on the site. The much theory on the site needs to be hidden from the students on the first sight. Testimonials are critical to the growth of academic writing sites, the testimonials in Writemyessaystoday site need to be placed strategically for students to see.

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