Review Of Detailed Review (Is it Scam?) is top academic essay writing platform in the industry today. They offer a revolutionary method of connecting clients and writers in the essay writing industry. Their success is pegged on collaborative cooperation between writers and their clients and therefore, the company has invested in improving the interaction of users for improved efficiency and quality of their services. There are various factors that have mapped the company as one of the best academic writing essay providers. Some of these factors and pitfalls evident from the website are discussed in this article. Therefore, in this article, a critical review of the company website and the services they offer is discussed in detail highlighting some of their disadvantages and advantages that have improved or degraded their effort to offer better services. review

Design (4/5)

The website design is interactive and visually appealing. As the interactive platform between the students who seek academic writing services and the writers who earn from helping them, a clear, user-friendly site is imperative. As a visitor to the site, the navigation of the website to perform various tasks like ordering a new job or logging into your account is easy and straightforward. It is even accessible from the homepage by few clicks after providing the relevant information for each task you want to perform. The color scheme coupled with few graphics used by the website designers improves the aesthetic value of the website. The inclusion of pricing calculator on the homepage is an innovative feature that helps clients to be informed about the possible cost of their orders before placing them. The website is also responsive and mobile friendly enabling its visitors and frequent users to access it on any device. On the contrary, the website has few structural flaws. Placement of ‘contact us’ and’ about us’ links with other important links at the bottom of the homepage is unconventional, and some visitors might miss the links to those respective web pages. The website especially the homepage has been cluttered with a lot of information which is published in block paragraphs. The information is also overwhelming and can take a visitor a lot of time to read all of it. Therefore, it is likely that some visitors do not read all of the information put up on the website upon visiting it.

Website Team (4/5)

The company has invested in having a professional and experienced team handle customer requests. There are several ways you can reach the support team who can direct a visitor till he/she places an order or get the service he/she requires. You can reach them via a direct line call from a button at the top of the homepage. Next to the phone call button is a Skype button that automatically initiates a call to the support team from your Skype app. An instant messaging service app has also been integrated to the website that allows a visitor to the website to chat with the support team directly. The team is generally well experienced and understands how to handle customer care issues promptly and precisely. The interaction with the support team through either of the aforementioned channels give the visitors a reassurance that the company is dedicated to delivering the best quality service to them. The site support handles all issue from clients, writers, visitors and duly informs them on their questions diligently. They help with pricing, order description, payments, discounts, revisions, order quality and reassure clients of their commitment to delivering exceptional services to them. The support team is courteous and professional whenever you interact with them, and their simplistic questions and answers aim at resolving your issues easy and fast.

Prices (3/5)

The pricing structure is flexible to accommodate the needs of each user of the company’s services. On their homepage, there is a calculator that helps each client to estimate the cost of his/her orders while placing them. The pricing is affected by timeframe, a number of sources, the level of education and number of pages. The prices are very fair for any category of students who seek the services of The prices start as low as $12.00 which is relatively low compared to industry standards. The pricing strategy has not diluted their service delivery, and they have continually set the pace for delivering the best quality at relatively lower cost.

Social Media Activities (2/5)

Social media marketing has become an indispensable tool in marketing in the recent past. has made some attempts in incorporating social media marketing on their website. The social media sites features are Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.  There are more sites which can be used to market the website though they have not been featured on the website which includes Instagram, Pinterest, snapchat etc. All these social media sites have many users, and they are a good targeting for marketing because most users are students who can use their services. Thus, the company should invest more in social media marketing to reach more users. The social media links included on the site are also hardly noticeable thus they do not serve their purpose effectively. The placement of the social media icons which serve as the links to the respective social media pages at the bottom of the website undermines their noticeability. The color scheme used on the social media icons is not the conventional company colors of the respective social media sites thus making it more challenging to notice them at a glance of the website.

Contact Info (3/5)

Contact information is important for visitors to express their views to the company. A user can get contact information by contacting the support team through the channels discussed earlier in this article. The support can help a user to find the appropriate means to relay his/her information to the company. The contact us page has a form that a user can fill in the information he/she wants to convey. The feedback mechanism for the information conveyed through this web page is likely through the mail as it does not allow threaded conversation. Email and Skype addresses are also included on the website. The contact information about the physical location is scanty. The company is said to be based in Orlando Florida, but the details about its physical address are not provided.


Concisely, the website design is good and easily navigable for users. It seems to precisely serve its intended purpose of connecting students and any other clients with professional writers across the globe. This article has discussed in detail the extent to which the company has gone in creating intuitive site design, social media marketing, pricing, publication of contact information and quality of the services offered by the support team.

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